Mason Antonescu

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Mason Antonescu

  • Name: Mason Antonescu
  • Notable Traits and Features: Seems to have a muddled accent, hard to pinpoint.
  • Sect: Camarilla
  • Clan: Ravnos
  • Generation: Neonate
  • Position: Harpy
  • Abiding Status: Prominent, Noble, Guardian
  • Fleeting Status: Loyal

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General Information


  • 1959 – Birth
  • 1977 – Aged out of the orphanage system
  • 1978 – Adopted into the Mirga Rroma family
  • 1987 – Embraced in Montreal, after an Aerosmith concert
  • 1990 – Almost gets caught by Hunters during a heist at the Vatican Museum
  • 1998 – North American ice storm; remains Unaligned, despite Sire’s pressure to join the Sabbat
  • 1999 – Week of Nightmares, left Accounting due to Sire’s disappearance
  • 2004 – Joins the Camarilla for protection, after running afoul of the Sabbat in the United States
  • 2019 – Returns to Montreal

Known acquaintances

Known adversaries

Other connections

  • The Prince in White


  • Took up Home Staging as a hobby
  • Not a liar, but extraordinarily adept at skirting the line and saying just enough to not be false
  • Hoards identities for the purpose of skullduggery, swindling, and the occasional digging of information



  • "Nobody escapes change."
  • "I think I'm doing a great job a being seen. But for you, I'll try harder."
  • "Fine. But I'll complain the whole time."
  • "You are on par on my my darling cousin and I." Amira Kanaan

Music inspiration

OOC Information

Player: Ivan Vasilinin
Player Email:
Storyteller: Quinn Kurenda
Storyteller Email:
Location: Montréal, QC

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