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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mason Rijn
Deed Name: Eyes Unclouded
Rank: Athro

The Sacred Thread



Notable Traits: In his Homid form, Mason is tall and lean, with broad shoulders and long legs. Dull black hair crowns a long face, while his beard hides hints of red. He often dresses in a casual style; jeans and a button up shirt. When seen shirtless, the pale skin of his torso and arms is covered in a variety of tattoos, most depicting a variety of Buddhist and Daoist symbols; mandalas, lotuses, gankyil, and vajras accompany Chinese and Tibetan characters, Gibbous Moons, masked faces and cat’s eyes.

His Glabro form puts on several inches of height and several long planes of muscle; dark red hair bristling across his body. His limbs lengthen, giving him a longer, lankier look than even his Homid Form.

His Crinos form is leaner than many, with long arms and legs. When he walks, he often seems to sway with willowy (for a Crinos) limbs. His black hair on his crown spreads to the rest of his body, giving his whole body dark coloring tinged in red at the tips. In the right light, the faintest of red aura almost seems to cover him.

His Hispo form is as lean as the rest of his forms, still being a massive beast from the worst of humanity’s nightmares.

His Lupus form is a Tibetan wolf, as long as lean as his Homid form, covered in dark black fur with red highlights at the tips. Deep yellow eyes look out from his skull.

When in the Umbra his fur takes on more a more lustrous color matching the night sky, and the red intensifies, almost like the last few rays of a setting sun. His eyes glow with a soft inner light, which intensifies as he travels deeper into the Umbra.

Pack: 9-Lives

Sept: Storm’s Shelter





  • He has several lores that he regrets having.
  • Lee Jun-fan (Bruce Lee) developed the fighting style, Jeet Kune Do, after watching Mason in combat.
  • He sticks his nose in things he has no business, that'll get him in deep trouble one day.
  • Rumor here.

Quotes from Him

Those who can, teach; those who can’t, do.

To live is to suffer. Suffering is irrelevant.

Death is just another step on the journey of life.

Oh. It’s a Thunderwyrm…Oh....It’s a Thunderwyrm...

I speak for my Pack; I speak with my Pack.

Quotes about Him

He is a fuck-mothering werewolf, not a vegan

It is time for the story about The Bearded Clam!

  • He's very nice.. very calm....and that scares me.... but thank you, for all your wisdom. - Azumi Akahoshi


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  • Shiro – Log Horizon


  • Brave Shine – Aimer
  • Break of Dawn – Miracle of Sound
  • The Wolf – Siames
  • Life Will Change – Shoji Meguro / Lyn Inaizumi
  • Believer - Imagine Dragons

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Player: Cameron Zigtema

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Storyteller: Dennis Martin

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Location: Des Moines, IA