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Positions In Greenville

-Advocate - Larue Dawson
-Architect - Valentina
-Constable - Fitz MacKenzie
-Ambassador - Oliver Amador

Information from the Advocate

Welcome to Greenville. If you intend to visit let one of the city officials know so we can make sure we know you are here and you know who and what is hanging out in the dark. If you have questions about the rules or whatever, just ask.

1: Protect the masquerade always and without excuse.

2: Call to Arms

3: Personal freedom equals personal responsibility.

4: Listen and respect the officers in the completion of their duties.

5: Living in the territory means you do your part to support and protect the territory.

6: Do not interfere outside of our territory without permission of the Advocate and the Constable. Otherwise see rule number 3.

No Sabbat.

OOC Information

Notes or announcements from the Storyteller

Storyteller: Amanda Bellanger

Storyteller Email:

Location: Raleigh, NC