Mathieu Daviau

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Mathieu Daviau

Master Tailor, Cosmetic and Performance Artist

Commonly Known Information

Name: Mathieu Daviau

Notable Traits: Well-Dressed (Masterwork Outfits)

Society: Camarilla, Court of Des Moines, Iowa

Clan: Toreador

Titles & Positions:


  • 1808 - (Montreal, Lower Canada) - Born
  • 1840 - (Montreal, Lower Canada) - Embraced
  • 1890 - (France) - Matheiu was a resident of Paris and a Neonate member of the Camarilla Court utilizing his skills as a Tailor and Cosmetics Artist.
  • 1915 - (New Orleans) - Fleeing the breakout of the First World War in Europe, Mathieu traveled to New Orleans.
  • 1963 - (New York City) - Moved to New York City to join the Court of Prince Maraslav
  • 1969 - (New York City) - June, participated in the Stonewall Riots
  • 1970 - (San Francisco) - Arrived in San Francisco to participate in the city's first Gay Pride March.
  • 1983 - (Des Moines, Iowa) - Arrived in Des Moines joining the court of Prince Lynford Chafee
  • 1995 - (Des Moines, Iowa) - Helped to found an Iowa chapter of the Imperial Court System, a charitable organization.


  • Mathieu was his own date to the Toreador Grand Ball in 1996. He wore a custom outfit that was parted down the center-line. One side was a Top Hat and Tails Tuxedo, the other side was a formal ball gown.
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Bespoke by Daviau, Ltd.

Mathieu Daviau is a master tailor with a trained eye for both masculine and feminine looks. In addition to his work as a tailor, Mr. Daviau is a skilled cosmetic artist and is willing to provide cosmetic consultations to provide a head to toe look for his clients. From historically inspired to avant garde, Mathieu’s work has been featured in the halls of many of the notable courts of North America and Western Europe. He is a sought after designer for the Grand Ball each year.


Commissions are available and custom-priced based on the project. Please contact Mathieu with details.

Client Testimonies and Reviews

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Accepted by the Camarilla

Confirmed as an Ancilla

Acknowledged by Prince A.J. Scott of Des Moines, Iowa

Noble as the Toreador Primogen of the Des Moines, Iowa Court


A.J. Scott - multiple Great-Grandsire

Grace - multiple Great-aunt

The Family Scott - Family Lineage

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OOC Information

Player: Kyle Solberg

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Storyteller: Melissa E.

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Location: Des Moines, IA