Mathilde Olsen

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Mathilde Olsen
Deed Name:Mathilde Freyja's Retribution
Rank:Athro (Deceased)
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST Wales Apocalypse
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Mathilde Olsen - Freyja's Retribution

1830 to 1864 - Now Deceased

Mathilde Olsen is a Hero of the Garou Nation.

This story is true. Many of you may not have even heard of the Second Schleswig War, nor even the Battle of Lundby. I will save the complicated politics of the day for you for they are not important. You must know that the Prussian Army did not act alone that day. They were aided by Wyrmcreatures and foul Black Spiral Dancers. Our valiant heroes, of which Mathilde Freyja's Retribution was one, knew that the Wyrmcreatures must be defeated that day.

Our Gaian heroes suffered more loss than the Wyrm and its minions. Mathilde Freyja's Retribution by her efforts ensured that her packmates and septmates, who had travelled to south of Lundby from Aarhus to help the local sept push back the enemy, could survive and protect the local sept and caern from the Wyrm even though she herself did not survive. In death, she left a Kinfolk son, Harald Olsen, the father of Gudbrand Fascist's Bane.

She died a Hero.

She serves as partial justification for the Heroic Lineage Merit for Michael Olsen.

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