Matilda Ó Floinn

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Character Details

Name: Dr. Matilda Ó Floinn

Nickname: Tillie

Breed: Homid

Rank: Kinfolk

Notable Traits: Trauma/Emergency Medical Doctor & Surgeon, Brewmaster, Dancer, Singer & Guitarist.

Sept: [[]]

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Gender: Female

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Actual Age: 28

Height: 4'11"

Hair: Long Red and Curly Hair (It's never been cut.)

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Athletic

Public Information



  • Kerrville, TX


  • She's so small to signify the amount of BAMF she has in her.
  • She is actually a creature of the Fae.
  • Totally played background music for a Rokea Rite.
  • (Feel free to add your own)


  • "I don't refrain well." Tillie, to Peace Maker; February 2018
  • "How did I not see it earlier? Confident, cheerful, lights up the place wherever she goes. Yeah... strange to bump into her in Wales of all places. But I'm so glad I did." - Damage Control
  • "She was a joy to have at the Kintillion. I hope she can make the next one." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Unfailingly kind, voice like gold, and far more patient with morning bagpipes than anyone should be." - Three-Step

Friends, allies, and others


OOC Information

Player: Krista W. US2002021912

Story Teller: Liam D.

Coordinator: Shadowed Peaks DC

Location: OOC Shadowed Peaks, Colorado Springs, CO, USA.