Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni

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Character Information

Name: Matteo Rinaldo di Camilla da Canali Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Born: 1177 Genoa, Genoa
Proxy Kiss: April 4th, 1201
Embraced: Saturday, April 4th, 1333
Generation: 6th
Lineage: da Canali
Notable interests: Antiquarian, seer, linguist, occultist, and seeker of the divine
Noticeable traits: A slight frame with pale sunken skin and death like pallor


Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known to those with Independence Alliance/Giovanni Lore: Matteo is a devoted member of the Giovanni Family and has an obsession with divinity though the closer he becomes to his truth the more tragedy befalls him. Matteo grew up in privilege in Genoa and became a Priest of the Catholic church which is the only mortal society he actively pays attention in recent nights.

General Timeline

  • 1300s-1400s Mostly stayed in Genoa and Venice
  • 1500s Moved to Nizza (Nice)
  • 1780s Traveled to the new World but got lost along the way
  • 1800-Present Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • Nicollo Giovanni - Sire
    • Federigo da Canali Giovanni - Childer
      • Ferrucio da Canali Giovanni - Grandchilder
        • Aureliano da Canali Giovanni - Great Grandchilder



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Possible curiosities


  • Most of his setbacks have been through intra-familial foils
  • Near the turn of the millennium Matteo kidnapped a servant to a powerful being who destroyed his haven
  • Matteo and his allies are responsible for the wassail of the former prince of Baton Rouge
  • His hands are shriveled blackened talons due to an experiment gone wrong
  • He is enamored by music because it is the only thing that is pure because he sees the world as a rotting dystopia
  • He once touched the Ark of the Covenant


  • "Never before has utter calm been so unsettling." - Sofia Giovanni
  • "I wonder if he realizes that one day he too will be a curiosity." - Liam Kincaid
  • “I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over the self.” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • " "A man of exceptional taste, patience and poise. His appreciation for music knows know equal. Sylvia_Stella


OOC Information


Player: Justin Merrell

MES Number: US2002022248

Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

Storyteller Email:

Location: Baton Rouge, LA