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Matthew "Little Bear" Fannon

Fallen in Battle January 16th, 2018

"A party without cake is just a meeting." - Julia Child

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Name: Matthew Fannon
Deed Name: Little Bear (Formerly Tastes the Cake or Cupcake)
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Briar Pack

My Story

Matthew Fannon is one of the best bakers you'll find in the state, if not the country. He's fiercely loyal to his family and friends and would go to the ends of the earth for them. Matthew is openly gay, but make no mistake try to make fun of that or call him by his old deed name (Cupcake) and he will show you: His hands can do more than make cookies.

Family, Friends, and All the Rest

Rumor Mill

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Opinions, Everybody's Got One

  • "We might just make a Garou out of my boy yet. He's as big as a house, got his father's temperament, and his mother's eyes." - Amos Fannon
  • "Cupcake is a better fighter than he looks. He can take his licks and dish them right back. He might actually be of use to the Nation." - Douglas Fannon
  • "Matthew and I have a very long history of giving each other hell. While I'm glad that, for the most part, that antagonism is over...he can still be a little punk. I like this new, laid back side of him much better." - Maeve Fannon
  • "Maybe if someone had hit him harder he would have learned not to narc on people.....but he's aiight. I've got his back" - Jo Trevino
  • "He's a good boy, never stepped a toe out of place as far as I'm concerned. Always comes when he's called and knows when it's time to call me." - Mama
  • "He ran as if to give me aid... Hmmm? Oh, right, Matthew. He's grown into a very capable garou, and a fast friend." - Gordon Fannon
  • "Boy knows how ta bake, an' ain't too shabby when th' claws come out, neither." -Judge Taco
  • "Cupcake was always the butt of the joke with his siblings. Fair to see things have balanced out a little." - Persona Non Grata
  • "He's in over his head. However, his fierce loyalty to his father and desire to seek approval are things I can relate to. Stop trying, it will fail." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "The boy is Amos' so he is going to be trouble, cant wait to see it." - Cedrick Fannon
  • "My son and his packmates survived in a battle where many other young Garou would have fallen. They stood their ground when they should have run. Foolish or not, the boy has got balls of steel." - Amos Fannon
  • "He's such a good boy, I just wish he could keep his father and my husband out of the fight. I know there's nothing short of last breaths gonna make it happen but I can pray." - Mama
  • "You did the family proud" -Cedrick Fannon
  • "Actually hell of a leader when the chips are down. I'd trust him or Gordon to give me direction anytime." Thomas Glenanne
  • "By all accounts, things should be more awkward between us, but somehow, it is the most natural thing in the world. I cannot say what will happen, but I can say, he will be in my life and on my path ongoing." Sylvi Anker
  • "My beloved boy, to say that I will miss you until my dying day feels a disservice to the sorrow we all face at your passing." - Mama
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OOC Stuff

Player: James Guanche

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Storyteller: MJ Jackson

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Location: San Antonio, TX