Matthew Judd

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Alias: Matthew Judd

Species: Ananasi

Breed: Homid

Deed Name Weaver of Fates

Rank: Adren

Apparent Age: 32

Notable Traits:

  • Homid: Mordechai appears dark skinned with dark hair and eyes weighing 170 lbs standing 5'8". He possesses two sets of both upper and lower canines.
  • Lilian: none alive have seen his Lilian form as of yet
  • Araneid: His pupils seem to widen to the point of encapsulating the entirety of his eyes.
  • Crawlerling: A mass of brown recluse spiders.
  • Pithus: He has yet to take this form around others of the Garou Nation


Sept: Songs of the Sand


Mordechai served in the US Army as a combat medic during Operation Enduring Freedom. He experienced his first change after his unit was captured and tortured. As the only survivor he fought his way out of captivity and stalked insurgents behind enemy lines for a few months. He was reported killed in action 3 weeks after his capture. He liberated a caravan when it came under heaving fire 6 months after he was reported dead; he then returned to the Army where he was awarded the Bronze star and heralded as a hero. Those who knew him before said his experience in captivity fundamentally changed who he was. Some of his comrades began to fear him as he now displayed a cold calculating demeanor to nearly every situation. He passed his psyche evaluation but he doctors reported unnatural behavior. Seeing the writing on the wall Matthew did not reenlist and moved to Reno where he opened a few medical clinics and joined the local Sept.


  • Matthew is capable of giving 4 hugs at once.
  • Unknown for what purpose, he has recently moved to the territory of Stands Firm, a Gurahl in Utah.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Step into my parlor..." -Matthew Judd
  • "Seriously the poison is dangerous we were lucky the spider got bit and not one of us. He was the only one that could have survived it with my assistance. It was interesting to feed him blood to help him survive" -Jake Equal and opposite reaction Hyde

OOC Information

Player: Jared G

Player Email:

Storyteller: Clinton Turney

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Location: Reno, NV