Matthew Saint-Pierre

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Name: Matthew Saint-Pierre

Deed Name: "Hunter of Consequences"

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Cliath

Pack: Rogue Elements

Notable Traits: A small white gold Lightning Bolt necklace. He's never seen without it.

Sept: Sept of the White Fields, Western MA

Theme Song: "The Hidden Map" by Bear McCreary


Born 16 February 2002 under a Crescent Moon, Matthew Saint-Pierre was raised by his Garou father - Gaston - and his Kin mother, Ariana. He's lived in Amherst all of his life, occasionally helping out in the Bawn but for the most part his father insulated him from Garou society.

The Sept attacked the Hive under the Springfield Armory, and the forces of the Hive launched a counterattack. Matt sheltered with the rest of the Kin, and when the Waystation was compromised he fled with them. During the scuffle, he tripped and fell and got turned around, inhaling more of the Poison Gas than the rest of the Kin but made it to the treeline only to pass out. He spent the next month in a coma, degrading in the ICU before the doctors decided his injuries from the poison gas were too great. Gaston and Ariana were taking him back to die in comfort, at home, with family and friends, when the light of the moon triggered his First Change.

WaZ, Den Parent of the sept, created a lesson plan with teachers in every Auspice and Breed to make him ready for the ongoing War. Until his Rite of Passage, he had been banned from returning to his childhood home.

After completing his Garou education and his multifaceted Rite of Passage, Matt was accepted into the Garou Nation as "Hunter of Consequences".


  • Last year, in his school, a student committed suicide. Matt was one of the few classmates to take the offered counseling afterward. The student was, quite publicly, not a friend.


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Player: Cameron N.

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Storyteller: Joshua C. Smith

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Location: Western MA, MA-005-D