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Name: Max Gunther
Current City: Overthorpe, Banbury, UK
Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2
Pack: Excursionists
Renown: Cunning (2), Wisdom (1), Purity (1)

Basics: Max grew up getting into technology and is an avid music lover and to some degree picked up singing and performance until the loss of his memory, from an attack. However, Max eschewed authority and other things to avoid the elite social life and was always found trying to associate with middle and lower class populations. His anonymity made him hard to find, even for his family. Max is typically hired to do computer related jobs since his early years.


Viperbullet.png "His memory seems gone. A pity, we worked so well together in the past. But hopefully clarity will return soon." - Vincent Jager
Viperbullet.png "Dresses well, seems strange though" - Isla
Viperbullet.png Cute and everyone seems oblivious he's just a normal guy. - Lucia
Viperbullet.png Should learn when to ask questions. There is a safe time and a time that can get you killed. I hope he figures it out before it gets him killed. - Sable Reynard
Viperbullet.png "Good head on his shoulders. Underestimate at your own risk." - Moonblade
Viperbullet.png Quotes here. - Wikipage

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Viperbullet.png Vincent Jager, ally.
Viperbullet.png Lucia, pack-mate.
Viperbullet.png Ally/Friend/Enemy
Viperbullet.png Ally/Friend/Enemy
Viperbullet.png Ally/Friend/Enemy


Viperbullet.png Not much is really known about this guy.
Viperbullet.png He has the hots for vampires. After all, they're the ultimate goths.
Viperbullet.png The thirst, Captain, she be real!
Viperbullet.png Rumor here.
Viperbullet.png Rumor here.

OOC Information

Character Playlist: Max's Theme Songs

Player: Elexeia Rouse

Player Email:

Storyteller: Drakka S.

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