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Commonly Known Information

Name: Maxine Chambers

Notable Traits: Maxine is generally genial and full of smiles, a hard-working woman with a fun-loving streak that runs deep. When on the job (most nights in mixed company), she presents a refined British presence, giving suggestion of one who spent many days being educated in various boarding schools. That said, she’s not too stiff or stuffy, known to be a bit cheeky in her own right.

She’s known locally as a lawyer (Fame 1), always ready to help a member of the Movement that’s found themselves in a tight spot.

Society: Anarch Movement

Title: Ambassador

Clan: Lasombra


A relative newcomer to the vampiric scene, Maxine didn’t make a presence for herself until the late 1990s. She spent several years after in and around England, frequently in the company of Julian Mors.

Originally from West Yorkshire, she relocated to Los Angeles in 2010. She promptly took up the mantle of Ambassador (which she takes very seriously).


  • "No one I'd rather have bail me and mine out of jail. Ha! She'll walk right into a room of scum and miscreants in designer shoes and walk away with everything, this one." - Buzzard
  • "I wish I could have come to know Ambassador Chambers under better circumstances. She is every bit the lady and woman of distinction." - Rikard Bouwman
  • "Lady has the most powerful weapon in the Movement these nights, a sharp wit, and a keen mind to back it. Good to know a Kindred like that." - Phillip Sevier
  • "A top-tier professional who also knows how to relax and have a fun evening. It's a good thing she seems like the type to repay her debts, because she owes me a game of ski ball." - Darrow Westholme
  • "There's no better representative we could ask for in LA. The fact that she could break me in half and make me like it has only a little to do with that." - Jacob McCarthy
  • "The Ambassador is a lovely and charming lady. She is a pleasure to work with. It is a balm for those of us who still remember the beginning of the end in Los Angeles." ~Donzella Costigan
  • "I haven't spent that much time around her but she's good with Buzzard and that's fine with me. A bit more business and diplomat than I'm used to but it works." ~Lorena Silva
  • "She's a breath of fresh air from the Anarchs. I've never met anyone who could be sultry, sadistic, and brutal all the while remaining sophisticated and charming except her. She's every bit of woman I aspire to be." ~ Elika Rezaee
  • "Apparently, there are such things as British Anarchs. Imagine that? Maxine Chambers is the perfect PR fix for such an interesting group of individuals. She'll charm the pants right off ya. I very much enjoyed chatting with her the other night and I look forward to another enchanting evening with the Ambassador." -Emmett Legrasse
  • "The Anarchs of today are intriguing to me and how different they are than those of us who fought in the original Anarch rebellion. Maxine is quite an interesting example of the modern movement and modern Lasombra." Maciek Albescu
  • "A lot of people think 'Anarch' and picture leather, spiked hair, and chains. This woman is counter culture to her own counter culture. I don't know a lot about the Anarch's but I know the one in a corset and bustle, with a great smile, is one you likely shouldn't fuck with." Holly Wood


  • Maxine is skilled at getting one out of trouble with the cops and court, if she’s given the proper incentive.
  • She likes things better when the Sects are working well together.
  • Don’t let the posh demeanor fool you too much; she’s a dirty bird.
  • She’s not overly close with her Clan as a whole.
  • Maxine enjoys a fair bit of fun with Julian Mors.
  • She has a soft spot for Spencer Wallace.
  • Maxine has a rather complicated love life.
  • She is actually possessed by Lasombra who has been body hoping since he disappeared.
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Frank Turner - Love Ire & Song
Britney Spears - Work Bitch
Dorothy - Raise Hell
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (with Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)
She Wants Revenge - Red Flags and Long Nights

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Location: Los Angeles, CA