Mayet Obertus

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Commonly Known Information


Name: Mayet Obertus

Notable Traits: Revenent, usually has black hair and around the 5ft 8" mark in height with a neutrally attentive expression.

Status: None as she is only a Revenant

Titles: That book girl. The Painter. Nothing of note.


She grew up part of Tzimisce breed Revenant family unit in France learning the ways and skills an Obertus should if she were to stand a chance to survive closer working ties with the Sabbat. Reaching an age and length of time that would risk the Masquerade some of her Family unit is relocated to Martinique, particularly a Brother and another Sister. Her duty is to set up havens and business opportunities to be useful to the local Family, Tzimisce & Sabbat. When her Brother is embraced she is taken to be his full bonded Servant giving her access to more of the Sabbat kindred and working as an artist and record keeper of meetings. Her other skills lie in item restoration and rebinding old books for anyone in the Sabbat that has a need so old lores and knowledge are not lost.


Homes & Havens

  • 1945 to 1995: The Family home in France if you ever came to visit for the skills they offered, Research, book restoration, or a few nights haven as you passed on by. (Ties welcome)
Old French home 1.jpg
Old French home 2.jpg Old French home 3.jpg

Known Timeline

  • 1960's Born in France
  • 1995 Moves to Martinique Island with Jean-Claude & Sophie Obertus
  • 2014 Full-blooded Revenant and seen at 'Vampire socials' more.
  • 2017 left Martinique, and the associated pack Nocturna Cognitio, for clan business.
  • 2017 November. Moved to Sheffield England.
  • 2019 June Back attending Martinique gatherings.
  • 2019 Assigned to Carpe Noctum and particularly Alida



  • Rumor


  • "Such a sweet darling. I have not seen such a willing and passionate being in a while. It is quite refreshing."Lucya
  • "Mayet is amazing. She is not afraid to jump in and help whenever she can; she is always right there with her thumb on the pulse of what I need 10 days before I know I need it, and she's an excellent painter on top of that. Since she came into my life, things have been much easier and as a team we get things done (well, mostly her)." Alida
  • "Looks as they say can be deceiving. The knowledge she holds can be quite surprising."Francesca Omerta

  • "your quote."You


OOC Information

Mayet Obertus

Clan: Tzimisce Revenant
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Martinque
Player: Josie R
VST: Caroline Tanzi

Other characters in play

Location: OOC Trade Winds IRC, England

Co-ordinator: DC