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“Look into my eyes...
A woman once synonymous to beauty, turned to a diety...
A life spent in devotion,rewardedd with wrath...”

- AB

It is known...

Follower of Set
Embrace Year 877 B.C.
Generation 6th
Sect Independent Alliance
Current Location Tampa Bay Fl.

It is known to the devout...

A place in time...

917 B.C. Born in Crete Greece
902 B.C. Moved to Luxor Egypt
877 B.C. Embraced Luxor Egypt
330 B.C. Marched with Alexander the Greats army through Egypt and India
100 A.D. Left accounting traveled back to Greece
300 A.D. Left Greece to return back to Egypt
1099 A.D. Torpor somewhere in the Middle East
2018 A.D. Awaken in Florida

Whispers in the dark...

Ties that bind...

Great Great Great Grand Sire: Caine
Great Great Grand Sire: Zillah, the Beautiful
Great Grand Sire: Set, Sutekh
Grand Sire: Nefertiti
Sire: Neferu
Grand Childe:
Great Grand Childe: Rene Romero
Great Great Grand Childe: Sebastian Clyde
Great Great Great Grand Childe:
Great Great Great Great Grand Childe:
Great Great Great Great Great Grand Childe:

OOC Information

Mel White
Member Number: US2002021416
Home Domain: Scarlet Sin Fl-001
Email: trixycoyote AT gmail DOT com


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