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  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Sire: Lithos
  • Status:

~ Confirmed member of the Tower

~ Favored by Elder Ghotail The Pure

~ Favored by Elder Markoth

~ Named Courageous by Prince Luciana Santora Humanity6a.png

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Known History

  • 1749 Born in what is now Satpayev, Kazakhstan.
  • 1780 Sired by Lithos
  • 1798 Left accounting after proving herself to Lithos.
  • 1802 Vanished from society
  • 1910 Sighted once again, being seen with her grandsire Enyo.
  • 1914 Vanish once more, though there are rare sightings of her fighting infernal powers and other darkness.
  • 2019 Moves to Columbus, Ga

Physical Description

Few know what Meek actually looks like. She seems to spend most of her time in her 'shape of beast' form as a white Giant Otter. You can find her in backpacks or ridding on shoulders. Her other known form is that of a Barn Owl.

For those that have seen the stone creature as her true self, she about five and a half feet of rose gold streaked marble. She is classically feminine in shape with small goat-like horns. She has clawed feet and hands. She is almost grotesque to look at in the way she is a mixture of beauty and horror. Her wings are powerful and she can easily use them to fly, however, they are small and stay folded up on her back.

Oddly, her stone-like skin is always warm to the touch and she seems to enjoy eating human food immensely.



  • Jerric Thompson, Camarilla Salubri Warrior
  • Enyo, Camarilla Gargoyale Grandshire
  • Apocryphus, Camarilla Gargoyle Uncle
  • Khan Kingsley, Nosferatu
  • Lithos, Sire
  • Ulfric (Beast) Magnuson, Gangrel

Rumors/ Ouotes

  • Her name is Misha, everyone who knows her knows that. However, she refuses to answer to it now.
  • Cute, isn't she? Don't let it fool you, she really is a monster under there.
  • That little demon hunter has helped take out more infernal than most of you will even see in your life...

Theme Music

  • Who are you? [1]

OOC Information

Player: Christina W. H.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Nickolus D.
Storyteller Email:
Location: Columbus, GA

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