Meg Sloan

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Meg Sloan


"The line keeps moving and I keep stepping over it.
How far is too far? And will there ever be a way back?"

-Jessica Jones

Known Information

Name: Megara "Meg" Sloan

Sect: Anarch

Clan: Brujah

Social Class: Ancillae

City: Unknown, previously Seattle


Meg wears modern, fashionable business attire in black or burgundy typically, and she wears her long auburn hair down and wavy. Generally speaking, Megara is striking. She speaks with a faint Posh British accent. Despite her known kindred status, Meg appears to be alive.


Megara was born into the upper middle class in London in 1875, educated as a physicist and philosopher, traveled extensively as a mortal, and then returned to the UK at the turn of the century. She applied to a doctoral program in London, but was refused because of her gender, and the scholar turned suffragette in the Women's Social and Political Union. She was embraced by a similarly philosophical Brujah, and relocated to the United States in the early 1920s.

Meg arrived in Seattle in 1952. She has been relatively quiet, and focused all of her efforts on building an empire around the shipping industry in Puget Sound.


"Oh, I failed to realize that we had all become Ventrue."

Sloan's sire is unknown. She was presented in London by Mikoyan in 1910, and then released. She once had a prolific amount of childer, but they have all since been destroyed or succumbed to torpor. These descendants include: Nicholas da Costa, Lash Forrester, and many, many more.

  • She wrote a prolific amount of kindred novels under another name.
  • Meg survived a horrific scandal in 1995, and was nearly destroyed for it.
    • Certain elders will one day come to collect for this.
  • Meg has terrible choices in childer.
  • She's an Anarch. (Confirmed)
  • She is a known heretic, who has studied infernalism and Golconda.
  • Meg has many princes blood bound to her.
  • She has been seen using the infernal powers of the Salubri.

  • "She has misstepped in the past, and a price was paid. However, she is worth too much to let fall for such a happenstance. I see great things in her future." - Niko Koskinen
  • "It's rare to meet a Kindred who simultaneously is so ready to cast off her shackles and yet so tenaciously clings to her chains. We all have fears; fears are the strongest of all the chains that bind us to our mortality. Megara's chains must be cast in solid gold for all value she places in them. I would love to see what she could be, should she free herself of them." - Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston
  • "Hell in high heels." - Zach Staley
  • "She easily grasped my puzzles." - 93
  • "So, at one point I said of Meg that would-be benefactors often come with hidden price-tags. Dear lord, was I ever right..." - Jentry
  • "They say one should dress for the job they want..but if you want to be a liar, how do you accessorize?" - Kweene
  • "This is what happens when a moral compass gets set next to an electromagnet." - Ethan Allistar
  • "She's a dumpster fire, but she's our dumpster fire. What I don't understand is everyone thumbing her nose at her for having a hidden agenda. We ALL have hidden agendas!" - Lucius Brown
  • "Can she slut her way out of it? That meddlesome whore...absolutely. But, what is the cost? Nothing less than everything, my petite." - Desarae Preaue de Avignon
  • "You don't get it, Meg. The hat was never a symbol of a man. It was a torch, a reminder to the youth of the Tower that it falls to them to draw a line against the coming storm and say 'no further!' Bell did that, for a time. Now he's gone. But the lessons to live by, those never die." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "So I gotta be honest, I do not understand what y'alls deal is with Meg. You know she was the person who kept the Prince's books and shit right? Do you think your little social club of misfit fuckups is so exclusive that a powerful Brujah needed to do six months of y'alls laundry before begrudgingly stamping her passport? Do you want to know why the Camarilla doesn't mind you guys being around? They are an easy and convenient choice, and in order to get out from under Elder bullshit you get to go put up with someone else's bullshit because can't have people trying to sneak into the sect all about Freedom." - Arlington speaking loudly in public to a Canadian Anarch about three hours before he left the Camarilla.
  • "Her heart's in the right place, and I can't fault her passion... But there is a good chance the epitaph on my urn will read 'It's Probably Meg's Fault.'" - Jo Harris
  • "People think I'm a mess. I used to agree with them. Then I met Meg." - Avery Barnes

OOC Information


Character and Real Life Inspirations


Player: Angela R

Storyteller: Aaron G

Location: Seattle