Melinoe Addams

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Name Melinoe Addams

Clan Mehket

Covenant Circle of The Crone

Age 200(looks 28)

Summary: Melinoe is a kind and caring, but quiet person. She doesn't talk often but when she does her voice has a haunting quality to it like you can't NOT listen to her. Even when she was a mortal she was different from others preferring to spend time with the eternally sleeping than with the living. She acknowledges her status as a Kindred and isn't ashamed of it and treats it like any other change in ones life. She was born into a family of Eclectic Pagans and those beliefs has followed her even now. She is hoping to one day start up her own coven so that all of those she cares for may practice in peace away from those that wish them ill. Melinoe is a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and other Gothic writers as well as Gothic musicians. If you were to walk by where she is staying you are more than likely to hear The Cure and other like bands. Her features are hauntingly enticing with moon pale skin,hair the color of the void between the stars and her eyes are the color of the clouds on a full moon until she is angered then they glow with a sinister carmine light. Melinoe is also quite adept at using several kinds of weaponry though she mostly favors a sword and throwing knives, she can and will use firearms should need be.


  • Date of birth: April 1st, 1819
  • Was born into a family of Eclectic Pagans who instilled in her their vast knowledge of spirits, and herbs and energies
  • Wasn't sheltered from hardship and strife, is smart, witty, kind but quiet most of the time

The Embrace


  • Date of Embrace: November 8th, 1847
  • Was Embraced while on a short trip overseas to pick up a few family belongings
  • Sire is Arthur Dodge
  • Date she arrived in Maine: November 7th, 1872



"Perhaps my favorite shadow of the night that I prefer at my side when sinners discover there is no absolution for their sins only eternal damnation."- Vidal St. Croix
"She is a mentor I adore. Threaten her at your peril." Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow
"What can I say about Mel? She is my big sister, my broodmate and my friend. I have learned much from her, and she's the reason I'm here in Ellsworth. Long may our friendship reign!" Dani Gibbons "She reminds me of my Sheriff. A Crone one can trust. Our minimal interactions aside, I am sure she is something singular I'd like to see more of." - Collette Durand



  • Vidal St. Croix: Fellow lover of a good hunt.
  • Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow: A sister Crone and an apt student.



  • If you hear a violin within the forest, your death or sweet salvation is close at hand.

Dangerously Fashionable

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Ceremonial garb

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