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Commonly Known

Name: Meliora

Notable Traits and Features: Elder Tremere of the Camarilla. Meliora is tall, often attired in floor length black dresses with accents of blue and bronze, her long black hair braided and held up and back, out of her face. Notably, she is never without a finely made cane, matching wand, and a battered leather satchel containing an old journal and wood fountain pen.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla; Courteous by word of Mistress Fanchon; Courteous by word of Prince Amyntas of San Francisco; Honorable by word of Harpy Cecily Jasper of San Francisco

Tremere Only: High Regent of the Sixth Circle of Mysteries, in service to Lord Maupassant in the Southwest Region

Known History


Meliora, by her own admission, was born sometime in the mid 9th century, in what is now called Patras, Greece. She became a ghoul to a Gangrel by the name of Olaf in her late 20's, jumping at the chance to put her keen mind to use and to travel the known world. For the next hundred-fifty odd years, she traveled with him and his coterie, functioning as a translator and daytime operative, learning to read and write in six languages. In her free time, the Ventrue companion of Olaf, Desmond Aldred, tutored her in the intricacies of Kindred politics and etiquette; Meliora proved an exceptional student and in many ways knew more about Kindred society than most neonates. It was this knowledge that eventually led to her embrace into Clan Tremere.

During the waning daylight hours in the early 1040's, on an errand for Olaf to protect and guide his wife Sonne, Meliora was attacked by a cadre of Tremere ghouls. They had mistaken her for Olaf's former ghoul, Una, an oracle. Upon realizing their mistake, the leaders of House and Clan decided to keep Meliora for her knowledge of the Kindred - knowledge they desperately needed in those first years they walked the Long Nights.

Meliora was eventually embraced in the winter between 1081 and 1082 by Saharat, at the behest of Therimna, their master. Meliora excelled as a Tremere, applying that keen mind to the study of thaumaturgy and ritual work. Slowly, she moved up the ranks, travelling for House and Clan across Europe, and eventually, creating childer of her own.

In 1830, Meliora was sent to the United States, to prepare to travel to the newest state, California, in 1850. Once there, she joined the fledgling court in San Francisco, and with few exceptions, she has not left the city since.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Meliora came to the Tremere a fully trained ghoul nearly two centuries old. Her knowledge of Kindred politics and etiquette ensured her embrace, despite the fact that she was not the original target of a botched ghoul snatching. She served under both Therimna and Goratrix in her time as an Acolyte. Since her Embrace, she has been an integral background player in many events House and Clan have been involved in, from the Omen and Massasa Wars, to chantry building, to facilitating communication between chantries to arrange the coterie then known as the Camarilla. She mentored many a young Tremere in her years as a member of Societatis Transitus, before leaving that society to join Societatis Quaesitori in 2010. In 2018, Lord Lucian de Maupassant raised Meliora to the rank of High Regent of the Sixth Circle of Mysteries over the Southwest Region.

Meliora is a skilled thaumaturge, knowing multiple paths and many rituals. She is also a strict and devout adherent to both the Oath of Tremere and the Peripheral Code, and watches other members of House and Clan with a keen eye for any signs of betrayal. The matriarch of House Saharat, she takes the section of the Code about loyalty to heart, and any deviation from the laws that govern the Tremere is met with swift investigation and judgement from the Quaesitor. There is no gray area concerning the Code and Oath.

She founded the San Francisco chantry in 1850, becoming its Regent. She has maintained that place until the city was overwhelmed by Hunters in the 2000's - but in recent years, their presence has lessened, and she has begun sending technology-minded Apprentices in to re-take the Chantry she built. In 2018, she retook her chantry in Colma, moving her and her Apprentices back to her old haunt.

Late in 2018, Meliora ascended to the rank of High Regent of the Sixth Circle, serving Lord Lucien de Maupassant in the Southwest Region of the United States.


  • "'Ab Intus Protegens' is more than just a House motto, childe. It is a way of life." - Meliora, to one of the younger members of House Saharat
  • "Min stjålne datter har overlevd mange vanskeligheter. Har hennes klan behandlet henne godt og brukt hennes kunnskap klokt? Vi får se." - Olaf
  • "She very well may have saved my life as a child. Yes I said child. As in flesh and blood, sucking air. Do not think for a moment that the bond we shared has lessened over the years. You would be a fool to think I would not end you to keep her safe." - Una
  • "Who really taught who? Having done so much together, the line has blurred." - Salomé St. John
  • "She is my mother, as much as the whore who birthed me. And like my mother, she has damned me with a great gift." - Pascoal
  • "Grandmother is very intelligent. She plays the long game. Do mind your manners around her, yes?" - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "If it weren't for Meliora, I would have been embraced as a Toreador. Some nights I wonder how different my unlife would have been had that occurred. As far as the Tremere are concerned, I was most definitely the dark horse in the race. She saw something in me that the others did not, took a gamble, and won. I do hope she is pleased with her prize. - Sébastien Delacroix
  • "My first Child, and my last as I will never find one who can be her equal. She is my successor and dangerous protegé. While our paths crossed in a way we did not plan for or anticipate, it has proven to be a benefit not only to ourselves and this House, but for Clan Tremere. With her at my side, we will become a force the likes of which Kindred Society has never seen." - Saharat
  • "There are nights which draw out the stars in the sky like luminous flecks upon the ocean. Then there are nights where not one bit of light can be seen upon the vast expanse of nothingness. Looking into the soul through the eyes of this Elder can be both, depending which side of the coin you find yourself. When it comes time.. choose wisely, young childe. For should you choose poorly, you will soon wish you hadn't." - Övé Háskell
  • "Meliora is her sire's childe. There is so much there that is dark, sinister, uncaring. Except for the parts that are not. It is those parts that give my regard hope and much as it gives my hand pause." - Amyntas
  • "I am so thankful to have met Meliora at such a young age. She is truly an excellent role model for kindred society. She carries her self with the utmost poise and treats all with respect should they so earn it." - Katheryn Maria Benoit
  • "She looked at me and gave one of my favorite quotes: 'Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? - tomorrow, death comes' the words of the Buddha echoed in this one gave me so much strength that I endeavored to organize these protests, only with people in the streets will change truly happen for the LGBTQ community, and she reaffirmed my belief in that." - Rain
  • "We are very different women, she and I. And yet, our melodies both work with the exact same counterpoints, which bring us into harmony with each other more frequently than is safe for any Kindred within the blast radius of our shared ire." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "She has never failed to uphold her end of a bargain." - Don Vittorio Cuoronero
  • "Her efforts on behalf of the clan is a credit to us all. I would be pleased to work with her again." - Niko Koskinen
  • "I am grateful to Meliora for the advice I have received from her through the years. She is a remarkable and very capable woman. I look forward to her continued growth within our clan and her wisdom." ~Donzella Costigan
  • "Memory's colors are ever brighter, her contrasts greater / Her promise will lure and her conceits will soothe / Yet ware the one who disdains her and writes only the truth / For in the words of yesteryear lie secrets lost to dust." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "Meliora? I adore her company, both for what she will say and what she will bring for any gather. She will make you pause with one gesture and yet, seek her closer with another. The trick is in the puzzle... approach, or stay? You must make that choice. You'll find she's already decided, either way." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "I miss her like Coke after Lent. Then again, she is standing behind me and glaring right now. I can feel the the back of my neck catching fire." - Krieger the Golem
  • "Most people don't get to see what she is really like, but it is right in front of them the whole time. It's in her eyes, if you are willing to risk looking long enough to truly understand her." - Peyton Fetterly
  • "Meliora remembers that our Clan is about magical prowess, and not politics. I have yet to know if it informs, or hampers, her dealings. She deserves a much larger share of the spotlight than her Sire allows these nights." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "The feel of your fingertips against my jaw, the soft tones of your voice against my cheek, and the floral scent of oils that cling to your fingertips are a salve to my soul. Stay near to me, that I may draw comfort in this tumult." - Rumi
  • "She taught me to control the skies & the earth to attain what was to be done. In the end, this is what led to the liberation of my people." - Ghotail

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  • Meliora has arranged all the embraces in her entire line - regardless of the feelings of the involved parties.
  • As his former student and out of a sense of loyalty, Meliora is the reason Goratrix evade the wrath of House and Clan for so long.
  • Meliora possesses the last copy of the Tremere Gargoyle ritual.
  • Meliora aided the Ur-Shulgi in place one of his childer in the Clan Tremere, giving Sar-rat a place at the head of a Tremere House. Meliora began calling Sar-rat by the name Saharat instead, relying on relative ignorance of the far East to help hide the truth about Sar-rat.
  • That cane she uses? It's for beating neonates that upset or disappoint her.
  • Meliora once had several broodmates, but they were imprisoned by the Khmer in their persuit for perfection,forced into an impenetrable chamber to which they would all remain until one was left standing, leaving her to be the victor.
  • Meliora was directly responsible for the Gargoyle revolts - without her tutelage, they would never have possessed the knowledge to effectively kill so many Tremere.


House Lineage

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