Melody Falls

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Silver Songbird, Melody Falls


Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Melody, or Mel

Deed Name: Silver Songbird

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Black Fury

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Very pretty, young, quite small, amazing voice, Soothing Presence

Pack: Gumshoe Guard

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tides



  • "She spins a lovely tale. I wonder if all of her celebrations involve getting half naked around a bonfire." - Madison Walsh
  • "While others were playing in the water, she was gathering information and stories and preparing for battle for the Caern seed. I heard about her debautchery afterwards. I do believe it was well earned. Work hard, play hard. What do you think we intend to do in Valhalla? Knit?" - Sylvi Anker
  • "She gives off the vibe of a calm oasis in the storm." - Hollis Faraday
  • "It's nice to have someone else help keep the pack calm when they get riled up" - Annika
  • "What a sweet songbird she is, I cannot wait to hear her next tune. - Thyra Laskaris
  • "I know little about her. That is a good and bad thing." - Amasis Sabry
  • "I like this one. She reminds me of my mate." -Blood of Thor
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  • For all that she dances around a bonfire in little to nothing singing praises to Gaia, Melody is actually a virgin.
  • Thinks in music.
  • Has the magical ability to always have a drink in her hand.
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OOC Information

Player: Terry Broekers

Player Email:

Storyteller: Cali Crisler

Storyteller Email:

Location: Puerto Rico