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"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."

-Stephen King

Name: Jack Ward

Deed Name: Memento Mori

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Silver Fangs

House: Blood Red Crest

Lodge: The Ivory Priesthood

Reputation is what other people know about you

Jack is known to be a capable fighter for the sake of Gaia and the Wyld. While his parents were kinfolk and his being true born slipped under the radar for some time, he was quickly brought into the tribe fold after his first change and spent his early days as a Garou wandering and learning. Somewhere along the way he became interested in Eagle as a spirit of not only Falcon's brood but also Unicorn's. Since gaining interest he has spoken often with Eagle and the various avatars of the spirit whenever he can to best understand how a totem is able to be part of two broods. The connection to Eagle has even gone so far as solidified into a pact between a specific version of Eagle who was much more open about the nature of the two headed bird.

He has also managed to earn the respect of the Stargazers after being granted a fetish by some aspect of Chimera during an odd ordeal. The respect he showed the totem and the patience and understanding allowed Jack to be given a fetish many thought was a tribal specific fetish to the Stargazers as it is seen every so often on a different hero of that tribe throughout history. The Bloody Handwraps of the Unknown Master have passed to Jack and he wore them with respect and pride. As the name would imply though, no one knows for certain who made the fetish, not even the spirit within it, and there are stories of it dating back as far as anyone can recall. With the stories always talking about how after a bearer dies the fetish returns to Chimera, there is speculation that the fetish was made by the totem itself. He has recently given up the fetish as an act of sacrifice to aid his sept.

When he came out to the West Coast of the United States, Jack formed up with a new pack of fighters and fight promoters, some former and some who still are active in the combat sports. With his background as a professional boxer, although a short-lived career, Jack fit right in with the other fighters and their pack came together with the help of Garuda, an Eagle-like spirit thought to originate in India. The pack now carried the fight directly to the Wyrm and took great satisfaction in knowing that they were an effective group of warriors helping Gaia.

Around a year later Jack had to leave and return to Chimera for some discussion. As he was leaving he made certain to give his nod to the pack that they should reform and become what they needed to be while he was away. A few months passed in the normal world and Jack came back to his pack, who had been settling and shifting membership and totems since he departed. With his return things would settle again and his pack, now under Thunderbird, resumed as they had been, although with slightly altered membership than before he left.

Always seeming a looming threat, Jack was thought to be a rather severe Garou. While he has lightened up in demeanor he has developed a much more open gallows humor and leans more on snark than he used to. Much as his deed name would imply though, Jack is a constant reminder to those around him that they will die as he not only speaks directly with the dead but sees into their world and sometimes has even predicted the demise of others. This continues to cement his deed name on a daily basis.

While a scion of one of the major houses in the Silver Fangs and a loyal member of the Sanctum of Gaia, he is not without his personal gripes with the party line. His largest is the unwillingness to work with the Fera and to allow them to have full privileges in the Nation. Instead Jack seems to take a practical approach and has often commented on how it doesn't matter what they are so long as they fight for the cause. To him that is the principle failing of his people and allowing pride to get in the way of victory.

To be rather than to seem

Bloody Wraps of the Unknown Master
  • Tattoos:
    • Shoulder blades: stylized lettering that says “Para Bellum”
    • Full back: a series of images depicting death and rebirth
    • Left wrist: hash marks totaling 7
    • Left ribs: eagles wings flying away from his back
    • Right ribs: the angel of death flying away from his back
    • Stomach: Paw prints that fade out to nothing and then fade back in on the other side
  • Jack was the bearer of the Bloody Wraps of the Unknown Master, a notably epic fetish with far more stories about them than any one Garou could hope to have about themselves. In late 2017 the fetish moved on to its next destination.
  • Jack has a variety of minor battle-scars all over his body, most of which were from before his first change.
  • Jack is a rather tall and broad-shouldered Garou who somehow still manages to seem to loom even in Homid.
  • Jack rarely, if ever, leaves Homid unless he has no other choice.

What some invent the rest enlarge

(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • He sees dead people.
  • Does he even have the ability to shift anymore?
  • He might break the litany every now and again but it never seems to come back to hurt him.
    • He claims it isn't breaking the litany in letter or in spirit.
  • Are you sure he has a pact with Eagle...I think that might just be a Chimera...
  • He is a lot older than he seems and actually spent a long time trapped in the Dark Umbra.
  • The Wyrm has been trying for years to get him to switch sides. Some say it has been that way since before his first change too.

An Avatar of Eagle

Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends


(Feel free to add quotes)

  • "I am not the fight you want today." - Jack
  • "I may not be a Theurge but I can tell you a lot about the restless dead. The first thing you need to know is they are all around you and they're always watching everything you, me or anyone else ever does. The next most important thing to know is that when you are able to see and hear them they catch on to that fact pretty fast and will always want to talk to you...tell you what they saw everyone else doing in private. Always keep this in mind when you think no one will see you do something dishonorable." - Jack
  • "You see my friend, here? He has a problem. You see, his fists get lonely and would love to meet your face." - Paula Danger
  • “Many see the immense strength of a fighter; a born warrior when they see Jack. But I always see the ferocity of a heart that cares deeply, and the scars that come with it .“ -Denali Deep-Song
  • "Some men are born to purpose with no means of discovery. Jack is fortunate in that he discovered his early, and I fortunate to have met him along that path. The Homid born confuse priorities often, but Jack...Jack understands precisely what his priorities are and how to deliver them." -Broken Promise
  • "I am disappointed in the fights he chooses to engage in, and those he withdraws from. I do not argue with his prowess; he has demonstrated quite enough of that. It is his approach and aim that I question. But then, he is a Ragabash, with all that entails." - Duskcaller
  • "I think, deep inside Memento Mori, there is a battle. On one side is that he cares and feels so very much; and on the other, that he restrains himself so very carefully. Every moment, he is being ripped apart, and I am amazed that more people cannot see it." - Lines of Light
  • "One day soon, he'll find the fight he is destined for. May Gaia guide him to victory." - Alistair Cross
  • "I like Jack. He understands what it feels like to get judged based on your appearance, and he is always willing to take me seriously. He comes off as an angry guy just looking for something to fight, but underneath that, he's so much more if you can just get him to let you look." - Leah Morningkill

Honor is what you know about yourself

Inspirations from Reality and Fiction


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Player: Jon Grimmer
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Storyteller: Tristan Turner
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Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

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