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  • Embrace date: Late 1600's
  • Generation: 8th Generation
  • Clan: Follower of Set
  • Sire: Magni
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Washington, DC
  • ST Point of Contact:VST
  • Player Contact:Shamus Glass
Memphis Placeholder.png

Brief History

Memphis is a bit of an enigma. He is an extremely educated individual with a voracious appetite for information, but is also known to be a somewhat social individual, sweet talking many into at least dipping their toes into the pool of Set. Like many of his clanmates, he indulges in many vices, though his Path seems to be more of the rigid structure of Typhon-Set over the more debaucherous Ecstasy.


Memphis has very strongly held philosophical beliefs, but doesn’t espouse them to just anyone. One must first show signs of interest or similar thinking. What’s the use to trying to convert those whose beliefs are strong on their own? It is the seekers that he wishes to shepherd to the correct path. For those that are looking for a different way of seeing the world and how they fit in it, they should talk to Memphis.

Past Locations

  • New England, USA
  • Gulf Coast, USA
  • Egypt
  • Europe

Known Childer





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