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“Home isn't where you're from, it's where you find light when all grows dark.”
Pierce Brown, Golden Son

She had blue skin, And so did he.. - Shel Silverstein

Name: Mendo
Camarilla Position: Prince of Dallas
Lineage: None. Why? You think you're a good fit?
Notable Traits: Unless he is trying to hide himself as someone else, he can be identified by his mask and the DDL patch on his jacket. On very, very rare occasions one may notice that he casts no reflection.
Status Traits:


  • Warned [March 15 - April 15]

Physical Description: Assuming he is appearing as 'himself,' Mendo appears as a man of average height and proportions. Everything he wears is either brown or mostly brown with another dark or neutral color. He always wears coats, jackets, or vests with prominent buttons. To date, he has only been seen in public with one mask, a brown mask designed like medieval plague doctors' masks. In private, a small handful have seen him wear other masks.

High-Level Concept: A disgraced and fallen Santero who finds purpose in protecting his chosen city and his chosen people.

RP Role: Grumpy, overly protective big brother.

Persona:Casually, Mendo is gruff, grumpy, often sarcastic but rarely outright aggressive. For those who can read others well, they can tell that beneath the all but intolerable exterior is someone who *cares.* He tends to be drawn to individuals who need protecting, or who he values so highly that he insists on protecting them.
He is remarkably good at curtailing the sarcasm, though he rarely ever hides the cynicism. He can be perfectly polite, or he can be so rude as to snub you publicly. It really depends on the context of your meeting and what goals he is trying to achieve.


Known History
For all anyone knows, Mendo just wandered into the world from nowhere and began sticking his nose in the business of others. The few Kindred who cared enough to bother learned that he came from Cuba and can place him there during the War for Jenkin's Ear. He was a known Santero. Shortly after his Embrace, he and his Sire went to ground. Shortly after its founding, Mendo resurfaced in Dallas. It's suggested that he had been there since Dallas was founded, but his presence cannot be confirmed until 1858. He is known to have been in Dallas again in 1922. He is now in Dallas again, having returned in 2018.

(As other characters learn more about Mendo's history, I will expand upon that on this wiki. So far, nobody seems to care. Which is actually just fine.)

Allies, Enemies, and Others

Shoot the Shit

  • Mendo is known to strongly dislike the Tremere. Nobody has bothered to ask him why.
  • Mendo is fiercely loyal to the Camarilla.
  • Mendo dislikes it when people or Kindred come to Dallas to cause problems. Strongly dislikes. "Just don't do it" levels of dislike.
  • Mendo follows Frank everywhere... even to more *ahem* private affairs.
  • One of Mendo's newest friends is Rabbi Pavel, who knows Mendo is a real stand-up guy.
  • Place your rumors here.


  • "If you think Mendo's dead, he's alive. And if you think you're safe, he's coming for you." - Natalya Zabirov
  • "He needs to relax some. He's always so serious...but he's useful when you need him." - Maria Perez de Chavez
  • "This Blood Ambassador from the Camerilla is bold with the way he speaks to the Templar. The cards say he is one to keep an eye on.." - Madam Blight
  • "Mendo is the aggravating, angry old man we all roll our eyes at as he yells for the kids to get off his lawn. I'm honored, proud, and blessed every single day to have the old coot at my side. You disagree? Fight me." - Franklin Walker
  • "Sneaky, dodgy, and disagreeable. It's why we get along. Does have some sensitivity problens though." - Everett Johnson
  • "He is Schrodinger's cat, you never know if he is there or not, that is until someone says something incredibly moronic." - Dulche Trefau
  • "Herr Mendo appears to have the city's best interest at heart, and an iron fist where needed. May his reign be as long as it is needed." - Albrecht von Hohenzollern


Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Dallas

Name: Devon Weir
Member Number: US2007039567
Domain: Dallas, Texas