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This Character is Deceased

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Menes Deathspeaker

Notable Traits: Born a metis he had black orbs for eyes that also caused black veins to come down his face. He was also a Medium and could see and talk to Ghosts regardless of whether he was using his Strider Gifts or not.

Pack: Shell Game

Society: Unaligned

Sept: Sept of the White Fields

Rank: Adren (Given after death)

New Deed Name: Last To Fall


Deathspeaker fell in battle while the sept was attacking a wyrm pit. An Attack came to the sept where he was defending it with Shell Game.


Menes was born in isolation and raised on the road. He loved his mother and it was clear from a young age he was different. He constantly talked of seeing people who were not there. He would carry on conversations by himself or so it seemed. He could speak with the dead and saw them wherever they went. Some nights he would not sleep well due to some of the more aggressive ones. Never the less Thoth knew he was in for a struggle that not even other Metis would go through. He loved the stories she would tell him about the tribe, even the not so good ones about the curse and about vampires. She decided just before the young metis went through his first change she would seek out her Uktena friend and see what he had to say about it. However, what she did not know was that they were being followed. One of Heru’s Vampire enemies had caught up with them and they were attacked. The Vampire was horrifying and even with her Garou might she was out matched. She screamed for Menes to run. His fear over took him and before he realized what was happening he shifted to his lupus form and rang for his life.

He ran for what seemed like forever... but after exhaustion took him he passed out. He awoke to a start and found he was inside a cabin and a fire was going with the smell of tea in the air. He would learn he was found by the Uktena friend of his mother. He also learned that she was killed by the vampire and that her friend got there too late. The Uktena took him to his sept where the cub would eventually join his pack and become a Silent Strider of the Garou nation. He would use his talents to help the restless dead and seek out justice for those who could not for themselves.

A soft spoken garou for the most part he took his job as a Philodox very seriously and even learned the rites of Punishment. He hatred of Vampires went even further than some member his tribe so he was sent off during some of his packs down time to learn how to hunt and kill them joining the Sword of Night himself, unaware he is following in his Father/Uncle’s footsteps in that regard. He had a knack for knowledge of the undead and sought out to study the Shadowlands and the restless dead due to his ability to see and speak with them. He wanted justice even for them. He decided to even become a paranormal investigator in the human world as they had resources that he did not. Sure he looked odd due to his metis deformity but he noticed that especially in the big cities people tended to ignore the strange and boy did he see some strange things in his own travels when it came to the human world. With all this he would offer his skills at arms, his knowledge, and his station as a philodox to this who needed it. Despite his being a Metis... The fact that his tribe is neutral and his talent for investigation make him a decent mediator and sometimes punishment rite performer.


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OOC Information

Player: Joe Scafidi

Player Email: nightwolf.heru [at]

Storyteller: Joshua Smith

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