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  • Merritt Morganstern is born to poor German farmers who save up enough to escape the impending war aboard a ship headed to the US. Five years old at the time, Merritt is orphaned when her parents and siblings are killed in a storm. She is rescued and taken in by Charles Valois and his family.
  • 1909 - Ghoul to Eli Zachaeus when Merritt accidentally comes across several magic tomes and shows innate aptitude towards the use of magic.
  • 1914 - Meets David Sullivan. The two of them are nearly inseparable for many years until they part ways at the Mountain
  • 1916 - She is given 3 tasks to accomplish before she is considered worthy of the embrace.
  • 1916 - Merritt completes her first task - to find a language that can not be taught.
  • 1918 - Merritt uncovers her second task - to uncover an item from a riddle. In doing so, she meets William Aurum.
  • 1918 - Merritt is embraced, without finishing her tasks.
  • 1925 - Headstrong, Merritt decides to complete her tasks - to find a moment of pure serenity. She manages to find this when she comes across a group of vampires who have been staked out for the sun. She rushes to their aid after causing enough chaos to throw people off guard and saves many as she can. With the help of those individuals, she finds her final task in the moment when there is a realization of life and death. For the next year or so, Merritt stays with this group. Though she never undergoes creation rites officially, they consider her pack and sister and treat her as one of their own. With their aid, Merritt learns about the Sword of Caine and where she fits into it.
  • 1927 - Merritt disappears one night. No one hears from her again for many years.
  • 2018 - Paulo and Merritt confront each other for the first time in many years. The encounter is bittersweet.
  • 2018 - Merritt walks into a Sabbat held city for the first time in a very long time. Though under a different name, she knows she is recognized by more than one.
  • 2019 - Merritt finally realizes that she can no longer keep up the previous charade and makes the choice to return home.




  • Merritt has traveled around the world since her embrace, never staying in one place long.
  • Merritt has a small obsession with flowers and gardens. Some think that she has a habit of burying her enemies in her rose gardens so they will bloom all year round.
  • Merritt is often found in libraries or helping out the mortal community.
  • Some people believe Merritt is really a Toreador. She gets distracted by old books and pretty flowers entirely too easily.


  • Paulo nearly torpored Merritt when he taught her Fortitude.
  • Merritt is dangerous and beautiful - she is a very different addition to the Lasombra who haunt the city of Martinique.
  • Merritt does not believe in staying at the bottom of any power structure. She loves to shake things up to encourage change.


  • "Why is she the only person I can't seem to find words to write about?" - Kevin Hagen



  • Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale
  • Daisy Buchanan - The Great Gatsby
  • Isabelle Lightwood - Mortal Instruments
  • Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad



Merritt Morganstern

Clan: Assamite
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Martinique, DR
Player: Nycci Daniels
VST: [mailto: MES Online VST]

I am always looking for ties & allies, so feel free to reach out at any time!]

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