Merry Johansson

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Merry Johansson

Notable Traits: A book and pen are on hand, if not a phone is in hand.

Clan: Brujah


Embraced some decades before she wandered into a library in 1999 in San Francisco, much of her time before books is hard to remember. After a few evenings of escaping hunters she came across some Anarchs to rescue her.
The next night she was introduced to the Prince of San Francisco, and was brought as a student under Virgil Colfax. Spending a few decades studying still, in 2017 she finally joined the Camarilla.
After a year, she moved down to Orange County to help support the praxis of Enyo. Shortly after, she was chosen as Harpy of Orange County and has been writing her reports since then
"My position will not make me any friends. That has to be done by who I am. I write what needs to be written, not what is always said" - Merry



  • Clan Giovanni

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OOC Information

Player: Hannah Letteer

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Storyteller: Bryan Poirier

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Location: Orange County, CA[[Category:Masquerade / Domain / Orange County. CA]