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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mew-Tork

Aliases: Bob Robertson, a series of growling noises and tail swishes

Fera: Bastet (Qulami)

Priyo: Night/Theurge

Notable Traits: Wanderer, tinkerer, inventor, Fetish-maker. The Qulami who insists on calling himself Mew-Tork is all of these things. Of course, other words come to mind: Smelly, hairy, disheveled, weird. A Canada lynx by birth, Mew-Tork has taken to having opposable thumbs like a duck to water...but taken to standard human society like a cat who could suddenly use the can opener himself. While often considered something of a mad genius where his crafting pursuits are concerned, this wandering Bastet Theurge definitely puts the emphasis on the "mad" part of the description.





In his own words

Mew-Tork am wanderer. The road am Mew-Tork's territory. Finding, helping folk, cuz the road am like...kinda broke? Like everything am broke? So you gots to help fix the road, fixing people and things and stuff and stuff and things. There am like...a voice that am keep on calling Mew-Tork down the road.

Long as he am remember. Every time he stop somewhere, Mew-Tork am make new friends, but can't stay too long cuz gotta be gone again. But when road am fixed, you am go anywhere...and visit everyone. Maybe tomorrow Mew-Tork am settle down. Always tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. But till tomorrow, whole road, whole world, am Mew-Tork's home.

But the am not just asphalt and gravel and concrete and am PEOPLE. And places. Mew-Tork am find things, repair things, make new things. Help people, too. That am the Weaver. It am take Wyld stuff and make whole, then maintain. Contain, channel, make long stuff. But the am broken and so things am break but keep going. They am not destroyed so Wyld can make new stuff. Instead they just shamble, broken. Keep being broken. Break more stuff. Just breaking and breaking and breaking.

Mew-Tork am try to fix things. Sometimes that am mean claws and teeth and blood and lightning and weirdo guns. Sometimes it am mean finding secrets, keys, words, causes, starts, ends...put em together and FIX what am broke...not just break till it can't break more.


  • Dr. Strangelove tried to give him a cyberfetish once.....Mew-Tork ignored it and ran off with a ball of tinfoil.
  • Mew-Tork isn't anywhere near as obtuse as he pretends to be. At least some of it is an act. How much is anyone's guess. Someone would have to be VERY smart to act that stupid, right?

Quotes from Others

  • "Mew-Tork is one of a kind, when he arrives in your Sept interesting times are sure to follow. Good thing he's someone you want around when things get interesting." - RJ Campbell


Character Inspirations

  • The Littlest Hobo- Hobo
  • MacGyver- Angus MacGyver (as portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson)
  • Community- Elroy Patashnik (as portrayed by Keith David)
  • Fallout 3- Moira Brown
  • Down in Moonshine Holler- Gummy
  • Atomic Robo- Doctor Dinosaur (though perhaps more...helpful)

OOC Information

Player: Derek Burrow

Player Email: CA200308013

Storyteller: Patrick-Sean Morrisey

Storyteller Email: Toronto VST Apocalypse

Location: Canada