Mia Camilla

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Mia Camilla

Notable Traits: Exceptionally pretty (SL 5) with wild curls and a free smile.

Type: Eshmaki Nemeses



Born in Milton Keynes, 24 May, 1998. She was born to Cynthia Camilla, daughter of Patrick Camilla. Her father is unknown. She grew up in Milton Keynes and never really moved far from home. She went to the local schools and played in the local parks.

She slipped into Uni when she turned 16 and remained there having increasingly terrible nightmares. At 18 the Horror, Fiammea, took her right before Halloween 15 October, 2013. During a Halloween party, unfamiliar with her Horror, her starved horror decides it is time to feast. She wakens to a slumbering horror and covered in blood. It scares her badly and leaves her with a desire to never again lose control.

She leaves Uni and comes home, after a breakdown at school. She lives there still. She is vivacious and full of life, but always there is lurking behind her eyes the doom of her horror.


MIAFI.marker.png Enjoys tweaking all of leaderships's noses.
MIAFI.marker.png Practices archery in her backyard with real live victims.
MIAFI.marker.png The friendly exterior is just a trap.
MIAFI.marker.png Rumor here.


MIAFI.marker.png "Do not fashion her as a maiden who needs saving from a dragon. For she is the dragon, and her voice is filled with fire." - Doom
MIAFI.marker.png "Sweet as a peach while also being completely fucking terrifying. I'm glad she's on my side." - Lisbeth Benson
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Friends, Allies, & Associates

MIAFI.marker.png Doom Mentor
MIAFI.marker.png Lisbeth Benson Friend
MIAFI.marker.png Addison Traze Friend


Mia's Soundtrack

MIAFI.marker.png "Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies)" - Symphony X MIAFI.marker.png "Call Me Devil" - Friends in Tokyo MIAFI.marker.png "Red Right Hand" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds MIAFI.marker.png "You Know I'm No Good" - Amy Winehouse MIAFI.marker.png "Murder By Numbers" - The Police MIAFI.marker.png "Hellfire" - Jonathan Young MIAFI.marker.png "Devil's Gonna Come" - Raphael Lake MIAFI.marker.png "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" - Steve Ouimette MIAFI.marker.png "Bad Things" - Jace Everett MIAFI.marker.png "Blood on Your Hands" - The Proclaimers MIAFI.marker.png "Legend of a Cowgirl" - Imani Coppola MIAFI.marker.png "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" - Panic at the Disco MIAFI.marker.png "Missle" - Dorthy MIAFI.marker.png "Sleep to Dream" - Fiona Apple MIAFI.marker.png "Play with Fire" - Sam Tinnesz MIAFI.marker.png "Raise Hell" - Dorthy MIAFI.marker.png

OOC Information

Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Drakka Schroeer

Location: Clearwater, FL