Michael Baird

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Michael Baird

  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Embrace date: 1743
  • Generation: Ancilla
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch

General Information

Former Sabbat turned Anarch Mercenary. Very little is known of his history as he rarely talks about it. One thing that is known is that he has a cold and calculating attitude.


  • 1743: Embraced
  • Unknown
  • Nights of Turmoil: Works in secret to over throw the Diocese of Salt Lake City and install Anarch leadership of the city.
  • Modern Nights: While he is a member of the Anarch Movement he is becoming disillusioned with the sect and it's lack of direction.


  • He is called Silence but the origin of this nickname seems to have many versions.
  • He believes that he is tasked by god to reap this world as an avatar of death.
  • He is not what he appears to be.
  • He was a hunter of the Infernal during his time in the Sabbat.



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OOC Information

Player: Travis Clark
Player Email: karnivor@gmail.com
Storyteller: Ki Finnson
Storyteller Email: kifinnsson@gmail.com
Location: Salt Lake City, UT