Michael Dorgan

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Michael Dorgan. Known to friends as Mikey.

Current Architect for Atlanta, previous resident of the wild west.

Blood of a Gangrel, heart of an anarch. Committed to the Movement.

Enforcer (from Architect). Connected (expired), Courageous (expired), Hardcore x2 (both expired).

Studies of human behavior reveal that the actions we undertake as individuals are closely related to survival, more importantly, survival on our own terms. Naturally, such a notion implies that we should be able to act relatively free or independent of any debilitating external influences — otherwise that very survival might be in jeopardy. In viewing the instinct for survival in this manner we imply that a basic aim or goal, as individuals, is to improve our capacity for independent action.

-- Boyd, John R., Destruction and Creation (23 Mar 1976)

Good luck out there.

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