Michael King

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Michael King

Notable Traits: Looks human

Society: Anarch Movement

Clan: Unspecified


Michael was born to a coupling of REDACTED and REDACTED. The resulting child was carried secretly and shamefully, put up for adoption at birth.

The early years of his life were complicated and not very friendly. While he was quickly adopted, he would draw blood during nursing, which unnerved his first foster parents. Small, but unnerving, events during his first few years eventually drove his first parents to give him up and put him back into the foster system.

His second family adopted him for the tax breaks. Saying they were bad parents would not do their abuse justice. The adoptive father was an alcoholic, who really liked to use his fists over his words. Every small infraction would lead to a beating. Over the years, Michael started learning to look for small signs that his father was home, such as the rustling of keys, or the glint that his car caused to hit the blinds. Seeing those signs, he would run and be as quiet as he could. Little did he know he was developing his first disciplines.

As he was getting older, his father took that as a sign that the abuse could be more intense. During one particular beating, Michael reached his limit, and shouted to him to stop. He was stunned when his father did. That was the first use of his dominate ability. Once he had a better grasp of his ability, and he came to terms with what he was going to do, he encouraged his father to drink heavily and then take his drug addled mother out for a drive at high speeds.

After the abusive parents passed away due to that unfortunate accident, he was put back into foster care. By this point, Michael had begun being much more confident, but knowing that if people found out he would be treated poorly again. He never used his abilities unless there was no chance of them standing out, and only actually directly influenced people when a nice, middle aged couple from a well to do family came to adopt. His charm, and dominate, made the choice easy, and he soon found himself in a loving, clean, and supportive household.

He flourished in a loving home, and used his natural talents to excel extremely well in school. As he grew older, he came to terms that he was very different, and began to research the occult and what he might be. His mundane research taught him a great many things, but it wasn’t until he began working through his adoption history that he was able to track down his original parent. He tracked his mother down to a psychiatric hospital, and after a long conversation, he was told of his true nature, and the nature of the society he was a part of. After spending many weeks visiting, his mother took her own life, finally breaking from what she had put into the world.


  • Mr. King is a hunter, just waiting until the right moment to strike.
  • Mr. King is just someones ghoul gathering information for his domitor.


  • "As a visitor to Austin, Mr. King impressed me with his good manners and I will not soon forget his offer of assistance if needed." - Olivia Collins

OOC Information

Player: Matthew Ballard

Player Email: psykofreq@gmail.com

Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery

Storyteller Email: nicholas.j.dockery@gmail.com

Location: Columbus, GA