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Homid Glasswalker Theurge Master of the Rite



Homid Name: Michael Kingsley

Deed Names:

  • Once called "K3YSTR0K3" he has come to be known as "SH4M4N" amongst the Nation.


  • Athro
  • Master of Rites, Sept of the Eastern Skies

Physical Descriptions:

  • Homid: A twenty-something with a shaved head, dark brown hair & eyes, a small goatee and a lighthearted smirk. A battle scar runs down the right side of his face. He always carries a small bag filled with occult and ritual items. He carries a custom laptop and his gadgets are state of the art. Both ears and nose are pierced.
  • Lupus: A Glass Walker’s Lupus form is smaller than a standard wolf, with sleek fur and well-groomed claws and teeth. A triskele is shaved into the fur of his front shoulders and both his ears and his nose are pierced.
  • Crinos: A towering hulk of silvery-white fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. He is still marked by a battle scar running down the right side of his face. His shoulders are marked by the triskele pattern shaved into his fur over his shoulders.


  • Travis — Pack Alpha, Ahroun
  • Shaman — Pack Beta, Glasswalker, Theurge
  • Grasps the Bull by the Horns and Brings Low the Greed Swollen Pig — Pack Omega, Bone Gnawer, Theurge
  • Winter's Whisper — Red Talon, Ahroun
  • Cleverly Refutes the Foolish — Child of Gaia, Ragabash
  • Poetic Justice — Black Fury, Galliard
  • Backdoor — Glasswalker, Ragabash
  • Bronwen Morris — Silver Fang, Ragabash
  • Owen Morris — Silver Fang Kinfolk, House Austere Howl (Heroic Lineage)
  • Amy — Cub, Ward of the Pack

Basic Timeline:

  • 1993 - Born to an upper middle class white family from Lexington MA
  • 2007 - Discovers he has a talent for computer programming and hacking
  • 2011 - Enrolls in MIT
  • 2012 - First Change
    • - Joins the Sept of the Eastern Skies
  • 2013 - NE Major Event – Fera Talks. Some have called the young glasswalker's speech that day inspired & worthy of a galliard.. when asked about it Sh4m4n usually blushes and shrugs slightly. He spoke of being Bitten and of being thrust into a war to save the worlds. He spoke of the horrors of war, and the importance of allied nations & effective deployment of the tools in one's arsenal. He spoke of the wisdom that comes from listening to one another, the glory that comes from fighting side by side, the honor that comes from forging new alliances and friendships. He urged those present to put aside their Rage and the wounds of the past to forge a future of strength and victory.. not for ourselves, but for the children & the children's children that will come after us all.
  • 2014 – NE Major Event – Battle of Siamese Ponds – Provided healing & Ritual support. Shaman also stepped up to organize the theurges present, making sure they were all working together as a team. In addition to ritual support and other things, he also sent several spirits into battle to Assist Defenders and help keep warriors safe.
    • Boston - Played several key roles in organizing the Sept for the acceptance of a Shard Seed and the performance of the rituals that would create the Caern.
      • Boston - Played a key role in the negotiation with Danu for her patronage of the Sept.
        • Boston - Successfully claimed the position Master of the Rite
  • 2016 - Successfully challenges for Adren
  • 2017 - Boston - has spent the last 3 years coordinating the Theurges & strengthening the spiritual defenses of the Sept of the Eastern Skies
  • 2018 - Suddenly leaves his pack after Judges You Basic goes on a walkabout abandoning his Sept and pack.
    • Helps form a new pack 'The Teeth Around Your Neck'
      • Helps cleanse the Blattodea
        • Dies while leading the attack on the corrupted Incarna of Manhattan in New York. SH4M4N went toe to toe with Manhattan, backed up by his tribemate StrongTalk, his septmate Catches Whispers, and two others who sacrificed all they were to heal them and to take down the Incarna. Catches Whispers caught the last of the Corrupted Incarna's essence binding it to himself in the ways of the Uktena.. and allowing for the Incarna of the Burroughs to rebuild a New Manhattan. This New Manhattan will be a shining example of the dreams of mankind and the innovation of the Glasswalkers.


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  • The authorities have been trying to figure out who the hacker "SH4M4N" is for years now, but there is never a digital trail for them to follow.
  • He has been at the forefront of the Fera-Integration & Equality Movement.
  • Made a speech that has been referred to as 'worthy of a galliard' during the Garou/Fera Talks in the North East.
  • Provided critical support and organization of the Theurges during the Battle of Twin Ponds in the North East.
  • Has stood as Master of Rites since 2014, when he played several key roles in ensuring the successful planting of the Sept of the Eastern Skies Caern Seed.
  • Is supposedly closely tied to the Weaver, though he bears no cybernetics like many in his tribe.
  • Is extremely tied to mortal society, and manipulates people by uncovering their secrets and wielding them against them.
  • "Michael is full of so much *potential*, and weighted down by the rage in his heart. Not for nothing is he named Shaman, for the spirit within him is radiant and powerful; one day he may change the world, if he can but discern his dharma. It is a small vanity of mine that I have helped to set him on the path in leading him to kama." - Grace of Heaven
  • "I don't trust Weaver bullshit, but I do trust SH4M4N." - Avalanche
  • "Sh4m4n's quiet, but I expect that from Theurges. He acts slower, but he also thinks more. Glad he does, 'cause that's a good balance, right there." - Leftovers



Player: Christopher R.

Player Email: camarillachris@gmail.com

Storyteller: Dan

Storyteller Email: boston.apoc.vst@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA