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A Story Told in Skin
Society: Concordant of Stars
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Theurge

Deed Names
Bleeding Forge (Cliath)
Bare Knuckled (Fostern)
Blood and Whiskey (Adren)

Alpha of The Sept of The Second Chance

Distinguishing Features
Micheal in Homid form is a 6'1" male that is broad and thick. He has dark hair and green eyes, he constantly sports some sort of beard and speaks is a thick Irish accent with Scottish hints. He is loud and can be seen as gruff even to those he cares about. Although all Fianna have a melancholy about them, Micheal's seems stronger than most.

In Lupus form he is a larger than average wolf with black fur that is accented with red fur around the eyes, muzzle, and breast. This coloration carries over into his Crinos form as well.

Pack Totem

The Answering Call

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Michal O'Calahan was born Michael MacKay in 1881 in Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK. Shortly after his birth his parents fled from Scotland to Ireland to flee a pack of White Howlers that had Fallen to the Wyrm. His Father, Tam MacKay, decided to change their family name to better integrate into Irish society and disappear more easily. His mother Meagan, was a Fianna Arouhn known as "Stalks the Mists". She had fallen for a Tam shortly after she had saved him from the White Howlers. Tam was actually a kinfolk to the Shadow Lords, but this rescue at the hands of Meagan sparked a fire in his heart and in her passions that no taboo could quell.

Michael grew up knowing that something about his family was outside of the norm, but it was never spoken about in the family. The people of the village knew that something was off about the O'Calahan's as well and the children were merciless in their teasing. The called Michael's mother a witch, or a fey, or some other derogatory name. This drew Michael's ire on a constant basis and he was often caught fighting the other children in the village; which did nothing to improve the reputation of the family.

When Micheal was seven, his baby sister, Siobhan, was born. As the two of them grew up, they became fast friends; partially through necessity and partially through genuine familial love. At the age of thirteen came the First Change for Michael. Although his parents were expecting the change, they had not anticipated his natural affinity with the Umbra, nor his ability to step sideways and flee. In his first confusing rage filled change, Michael found the group of boys that had insulted his mother and fought with him and he slaughtered them in their sleep. His rage was boundless and many children lost their life at his hands.

Once his mother had found him and fought him to a throating, she dragged him back into the Umbra to give him his first lessons on what it was to be Garou. Although the death of those children was never blamed on Michael and his family, it did draw the attention of the White Howlers who had never stopped searching for them. It was a little more than a week before the Black Spiral Dancers had found them and the entire village was slaughtered in the process of them hunting down Michael and his family. As valiantly as Michael and his mother fought they were no match for an entire pack of the Wyrm corrupted Howlers. Michael fought valiantly, but after seeing his mother's throat ripped from her neck, he lost himself to his rage.

Michael can only recall in brief flashes of memory what occurred after that, but when he was finally brought back from the edge, he found himself surrounded by a pack of Fera who had slain the remaining White Howlers and were nursing his wounds. They treated him kindly and aided him in finding his way to Silver Tara Caern to rejoin his tribe. Although the Fianna reject the aid for the fera, Michael never forgot the kindness that they had shown him.

As he grew in maturity and rank amongst the tribe he earned a strong reputation as a garou who had great skill in the forge. Over his lifetime, Michael has boasted making weapons and fetishes for some of the most powerful and influential of Garou from all tribes. The payment and ritual involved is always kept a secret between the Michael and his clients, but none have ever left his forge dissatisfied.


"A Story Written in Steel"
Sláinte, the Last Farewell, is a two-handed great axe measuring almost two meters in height that was made by Michael as part of his rank challenge to achieve the rank of Cliath. It is a deadly masterwork reaching weapon that he has constantly worked on and improved from the first day of its forging. He has woven into the weapon the primordial energies of the Wyld. With a simple focus he can scour his enemies with the primal energy of creation (Sorcerous). The steel of the axes head was quenched in a mixture of oil and Michael's blood (Bonded) and the axe was made aware of it's own nature (Named). Rumor has it that Michael named the axe Sláinte because it is a common phrase in Irish toasts meaning, "To your health!". Those that don't appreciate the Irony, rarely live to get the joke. Crafts 6


  • "This wolf seemed a bit dour, until the music hits and the drinks start flowing." - Strych9
  • "Blood n' Whiskey is a good man, and I don't often say that about men. He is a reliable and smart garou, and I'm pleased to have him as the Alpha of my Sept." - Reyna Nikos
  • " I was warned that those called the Fianna may not like my kind, but this Fianna is different. I don't know too much about him; all I really know is that he is in charge of the Garou here and he likes alcoholic drinks. He once said he thought I would prove to be 'worth my weight in whiskey,' though my weight changes a lot when I shift, so I do not know which weight he was referring to. I was told it is a complement to compare weights with valued things though, so perhaps he is worth his weight in eyeballs." - Kirke
  • "I may have met him on an awkward night. Still, he has an impressive voice." - Ice Sky Dreams
  • "Blood and Whiskey has been most hospitable to me and has thus far proven himself to be a competent ally." - Victor Hadan

Rumors Around the Fire

  • Micheal's kinfolk and family were all lost when a pack of White Howler's that had fallen to the Wyrm attacked his Caern during the Apocalypse. He let out a howl asking for aid and the only ones who answered were a pack of Fera.
  • The loss of his family made him feel rejected and let down by his tribe. The Fera that aided him, however, won him over with their courage and skill. That is when he switched camps to the Concordant of Stars.
  • Micheal came to Colorado is search of a powerful grand klaive that was lost by his ancestors. He searches to reclaim it for his family's wounded pride.

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Musical Inspiration

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Michael O'Calahan

Sept: Colorado Springs, CO
Player: Jayme Wooster
VST: Mykle McGovern

I am happy to develop new character ties, especially with new members in the org, so feel free to contact me!

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