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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Michael Olsen
Deed Name:Arbiter of Malice
Rank:Elder ●●●●●
Sept:Sept of the Oak Vale
Innate:● Glory, ●● Honor, ●● Wisdom
Abiding:● Glory, ● Honor
Fleeting:● Glory, ●● Honor, ●● Wisdom
OOC Information
Player:Liam Draper
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Get of FenrisPhilodox Sept of Oak Vale

Arbiter of Malice

Michael Olsen, Arbiter of Malice, is a recently promoted Elder Philodox of the Get of Fenris. His home Sept is the Sept of the Oak Vale where he has been its leader since mid January 2018. A member of the Oak Vale Sept for a relatively short period Arbiter of Malice has served the Sept as its Warder, briefly as its Truthcatcher and now as its Sept Leader. Arriving at the Sept in February 2017 intent on providing aid and development of the Sept, Michael lost his Packmate and the Sept's Leader Valhalla's Mercy to an assassination by Western Concordiat allies. Having overseen the trial of involved parties from the Sept of the Oak Vale Michael went on to challenge and unseat the Ananasi who had claimed Sept Leader in response to another Athro of the Oak Vale's belligerence. Under his leadership, the Sept of the Oak Vale planted a caern seed in August 2018.

Arbiter of Malice is also known for having banned specific members of the Kinfolk population from attending his Sept in January 2018. As a result the Kinfolk bandied together to protest the ban by withdrawing intimacy from their partners. The ban came to an end in April with 'Spector announcing that an amicable and fair resolution had been achieved.

Michael is a person who makes decisions based on reason rather than emotion. Descended from a proud line of Get of Fenris heroes, Michael enjoyed a life of privilege, raised on stories of the deeds of his famous ancestors. Get of Fenris are known for their intolerances; due to involvement in child protection litigation Michael has developed an intolerance for those who physically harm children.

Heroic Lineage Merit


  • "I first worked with him to get honest justice. Now I work with him because he has my respect." - Naomi
  • "We’ve shaken hands, and we’re satisfied with this accord. Furthermore, I personally recommend Arbiter of Malice as a fair partner in negotiations. Even when we disagree, he always acts with honor in mind." - 'Spector
  • "Arbiter of Malice is respected among the Fenrir and we are are glad to answer his call." - Reidah "Strikes With Conviction" Solomon
  • "He is a liar and should not be trusted by Philodox, he lacks the courage of Get of Fenris, and he is much like his former pack brother Valhalla's Mercy. Kinfolk should not trust him. Garou should not aid him in seeking a caern seed." - Michael "Hammer of Justice" Black
  • "He found a solution to a difficult problem. Defeat the Wyrm, defeat Pentex, and keep as many people alive as possible. It is all too easy not to care about the collateral damage when the enemy is so indiscriminate. He lives up to his deed name, as such, I feel no need to give him another." - "The Iron Lady" Dagmar Nielsen
  • "Arbiter of Malice, I've watched your contributions to the Tapestry for a while now, you speak with a respect, severity and tradition that I don't always see enough of on the Tapestry. I wanted to thank you for the contributions you make to respectful discourse." - Prime Motivator
  • "Honor is what this Fenrir Jarl is all about. We have spilled blood together twice now. Once at his Sept Seed planting and then in the Deep Umbra looking for Jarl Valka, I would follow him to the Abyss with hopes of Victory." - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Modi of the Fenrir
  • "Who cares what some disgraced Bone Gnawer has to say? I have witnessed the Dane's courage for myself." -Rødefingre
  • "What an honor to work with Arbiter of Malice. He’s a giant on the battlefield with such a strength of purpose. A paragon to many." - Smooth Operator
  • "He is my friend, a Warrior of great honor, a scholar of wisdom, and I look forward to seeming him in Glory. Where I will buy him a drink. *snickers* No, just tell I him said that. Specifically. He'll get it." ~ Freja "Silvertongue" Northman
  • "Once more we go to battle this time for another Jarl's sept and this time I go with you as a Jarl myself. The honor continues to be mine to fight the wyrm with you brother!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg, Modi of the Fenrir
  • "Don't be mislead by his rational demeanor of calm and logic. I've witnessed my own eyes the ferocity he can summon forth while in battle against the Wyrn." - Alex Drake
  • "There has been tentative tensions when in the presence of certain people, while in the house of others. More so when it is in the house of the involved. But he granted me to come to land to see my friend when I asked and understood my concerns. I offered my honorable apologies as was right, but there is seemingly more, still, I feel that may need to be spoken." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
  • Recent Tales

    2017 - Athro

    Arbiter of Malice "Sacles/Judgement" "Arm" "Hunt" "Retribution"

    02/2017 - Joined the Sept of the Oak Vale in February 2017.

    08/2017 - Becomes Warder of the Sept of the Oak Vale in August 2017.

    10/2017 - His packmate Valhalla's Mercy is ambushed and murdered by Gaian Shifters and a sole Kinfolk in October 2017.

    12/2017 - Michael vacates the position of Warder in November 2017 before assuming the role of Truthcatcher in December 2017.

    01/2018 - Presides over the trial of Michael Black, Hammer of Justice, for Litany violations committed during the Murder of Valhalla's Mercy and releases a lengthy judgment, In Re Hammer of Justice no 2, summarising the case. A week later Michael challenges Lillian St. Claire for the position of Sept Leader of the Sept of the Oak Vale and wins the position via a duel. He forms a Pack with members of his Sept who shared outrage at the extrajudicial killing of Valhalla's Mercy.

    03/2018 - Killed a Wyrm-tainted Metis.

    04/2018 - The Lysistrata ends. Arbiter of Malice and 'Spector negotiate an end to the ban of specific Kinfolk in Anglesey, and the consequential withholding of intimacy from Kinfolk to their Shifter partners. Killed a Garou responsible for biting humans who was also responsible for in the past biting humans who are now current Sept members.

    05/2018 - A Broken Land was discovered in Parys Mountains. Damage Control, Iris Rene, Tillie, Mira Harkness-Price and Arbiter of Malice locate missing children who had found themselves trapped in a cave, rescuing them, including a child that had managed to cross over into the Umbra.

    Edda of Valka.jpeg

    06/2018 - With Delwyn missing, Arbiter of Malice and his pack attempt to locate Delwyn. During their investigations they find her dead on the beaches.

    07/2018 - Announced an Elder of the Garou Nation.

    2018 - Elder

    07/2018 - A dead Black Fury, Leda, washes upon the shores of the Sept of the Oak Vale's nearby beach. Arbiter of Malice and Sept members treat her well before returning her to the Sept of Bygone Visions for the Gathering for the Departed.

    2018 - Caern Seed scheduled to be planted in August 2018.

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