Michel d'Avignon

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No mounsieur, there are worse things than death. Let me show you.
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Commonly Known Information

Name: Michel St. Pierre d'Avignon

Grandsire: Desarae Preaue de Avignon

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Malkavian (Ancillae)

Sect: Camarilla

Born: 1664

Embraced: 1690

Notable Traits: Pale complexion and sunken eyes.


Michel is an inquisitive Malkavian that wishes to unravel the secrets of life and death. He isn\'t squeamish about getting his hands dirty - literally or proverbially - to uncover another bit of lore or unearth a secret. He is originally from France, most of his accounting and early vampiric life in Paris, though he was born in Avignon. He is prone to taking risks - albeit calculated ones - when secrets or mysteries are on the line, especially if it is something that would help his immediate family or clan.



"He carries both the outward charm and inward predilections of his line. Work with him if your situation necessitates it. Never, ever, truly trust him." - Jentry Nix
"If you every have the pleasure of talking with him, you will leave with knowledge you never though possible. The amount of knowledhe he has both amuses and frightens me." - Fernie Cherrywood
“Ahh what to say about Michel except that he even makes my immortal skin feel chilled.” - Baxter Bosworth
"Michel is frustratingly likable. Even when you know he’s a disturbing moral-less monster, who would smile while he disassembled you, he makes you feel like he is genuinely your friend. That’s the most dangerous thing about him." - Jo Harris
"Your Quote Here." - [You]

OOC Information

Player: Chris Wadkins

Player Email: chris.wadkins@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jeff Stoker/Robert Perez

Storyteller Email: seattle.masquerade.vst@gmail.com/vst.tacoma@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA/ Tacoma, WA