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People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


"Is ait an mac an saol."






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Mickey Oleary


Mickey "Mick" Oleary was born in Boston in 1879, the fourth of six children, at a time when the Irish were treated as little more than animals. In his youth he sought legitimate work, but there was little available for a bog-trotter. It soon became clear to him that the only jobs that provided both respect and freedom required him to become a criminal. His attempts at burglary and picking pockets went smoothly enough, it was in violence that he found his true calling.
He rose through the ranks of the burgeoning Irish mafia. While his comfort with brutality made him useful muscle, his ability to focus that violence only where and when necessary made him invaluable for handling sensitive jobs.

The First Taste

Unlike many of his peers, Mick avoided the traps of racism and sexism. When he stepped in to keep a dark-skinned foreigner from being assaulted, he came to the attention of an Assamite. His first drink of her blood, and the strength that it gave to him, had him hooked even before the blood bond kicked in. For the next six years he worked to further her interests, both on his own and within the mob. His initial understanding of the supernatural world came through his service to the Assamites, and he absorbed much of their sense of duty to the mortal world. He also learned to crave freedom from the bond, even when it was not abused.



Prohibition provided a rich opportunity for the growing Irish mob, and it was his involvement in smuggling activities that led to his eventual embrace. While loading barrels of illegal liquor onto a boat, he saw Captain Blackburne. Her grace and charisma stood out to him, and when he described her to his regnant she eventually confirmed that his suspicions were correct, he had met another vampire.
Over the next few years he did his best to get closer to Blackburne's organization, in the hope that he could learn useful details for his regnant. Then a police raid turned his whole world upside down. He had an easy chance to flee, but he stayed to fight. He helped buy enough time for the ship to get away, but took a couple of bullets in the process. In spite of his unnatural resilience, he ended up in the hospital under police guard.
He came conscious at the taste of Blackburne's blood. It burned away his mortal life and the bond that had snared his loyalty, leaving him feeling free for the first time in years. In the nights that followed he began to piece together how his regnant had been using him to manipulate the Irish mob for her own inscrutable purposes.


Fighting for Freedom

After a few years learning at Blackburne's side, she encouraged him to strike out on his own. He sought out chances to help others find some of the freedom he now felt. He fought strikebreakers to protect union workers, helped South American revolutionaries resist their governments, and joined in the civil rights movement. He was careful to avoid involvement in vampire politics, unless his sire or grandsire requested his aid, but he found himself crossing paths with a number of Anarchs over the years. While he chose to focus more on mortal freedoms rather than Kindred ones, he grew to respect their passion and commitment.


Unto Modern Nights

An encounter with the Sabbat left him in torpor for a few years in the seventies. When he awoke he chose to join the Camarilla and lend aid in their skirmishes against the Sabbat. He found the Sabbat's deification of inhumanity disgusting, and threw himself into the fight with a vengeance. He was ill-suited to the formality and structure of the Camarilla, but his focus on fighting the Sabbat and then moving on kept him from experiencing the worst of it. Over the next few decades he honed his skills, but also found his ties to humanity growing weaker.
As mortal hunters rose up in fury, Mick was nearly slain by a group of priests wielding faith like a cudgel. He barely escaped with his life, and still bears the marks of their attack on his soul.


A Series of Betrayals

Max.gif Mick was called to Seattle, along with the rest of Erling's brood to lend aid and support to the newly crowned Brujah prince, and to keep the city strong in the coming nights.
It had been years since Mick lived alongside the rest of his lineage for any length of time, and he had some hope that it would act as a balm for his troubled spirit. He is not the brightest of his lineage.
Whatever orders came down from Valrbjorn's sire changed a few months in, and the whole lineage stepped back from protecting Grey's praxis. In spite of all the chaos, Mick was a bit sad to have his purpose in Seattle yanked away. Fortuitously, Blackburne's ship was bombed by the pawns of someone with a grudge (and a death wish). In a few short weeks their course had changed again. Blackburne was handed praxis by the Primogen, and immediately bent the resources of the Domain to finding who had wronged them. Before the boat-bombing bodies had cooled, the Ventrue Justicar all but shoved Theo Bell out of the Tower and into the Anarchs.
So the domain went on the market, with the Anarchs and Cammies getting a chance to curry her favor and decide the fate of the Emerald City. In spite of harassment from the Tower, Mick's sire chose to keep the praxis in the hands of the Camarilla, but lawfully ceded nearly half the domain to the Anarch Movement before trading praxis for a spot on the ground floor in the Movement.

OOC Character Details

I'm playing Mick as a vampire juggling a fading sense of justice against the pragmatic profit that corruption puts in his hands. His ties to mortals have been stripped away by a hunter's curse, his lineage has been swept up in elements of the Jyhad that he barely understands, and his closest allies have no real investment in his personal goals. Still, circumstances have created a chance for him to join a movement he believes in, and some of the embers of hope haven't quite faded.

As a new Anarch, I intend to avoid Mick getting into any position of personal power, and to focus on supporting the other Anarchs in achieving their own goals. He has no real soft power skills, so he sees violence as the most efficient means to solving any issue. That said, OOC I am investing fully in the vision and mission of our member's handbook. I believe that consent is the most critical element to creating shared stories, so I’ll never use this PC to kill another character unless that’s what the other player wants. When IC things get tense or violent, I'll work OOC to make sure that the players involved are enjoying the story. If not, I will adjust my character's goals or methods until they are. When I fail to keep this in mind, I'll encourage other players (and especially my close friends) to help get me back on track.

"We are cooperative players. The comfort and health of our members is more important than the story. We are constantly vigilant to ensure others are comfortable and enjoying the experience. We understand that sometimes art requires sacrifice and at times we set aside our own game for the sake of the greater story." MES Member's Handbook


(Please feel free to add In-Character quotes and rumors by here)

  • "I haven't known Mick long, but I have a feeling that we're gonna get along just fine. Emphasis on the 'FINE'!" — Kweene
  • “In the short time we knew each other, he felt more like a brother to me than my actual brother. He saw me, really saw me. And I like to think I saw him, too. There was a lot of compassion under that sharp exterior. I’ve sacrificed a lot for him. And I will miss him always.” — Jo Harris
  • Quote goes here. — Dude


  • Mick reacts poorly to those who appear to believe all the bullshit stereotypes of each clan. Sometimes that reaction includes the stereotypical anger of the Brujah. He does not seem aware of the irony.
  • He was embraced after he was dead, and his body and mind were damaged in the process.
  • Mick is secretly an Assamite from the Mountain.
  • Mick diablerized a member of the Sabbat, but 'spent time in torpor' until the evidence had faded.
  • This is where rumors go.


Player Information

Name: Doug Spaulding
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
Membership: US2002021653
Domain: Seattle, WA
Storyteller Aaron Gomez

Out of Character Information

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in making ties. That said, I'm planning to be fairly lazy about my involvement outside of hitting a game a month. If you are looking for an active downtime player I am not the person you are looking for.

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