Mightier than the Sword

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mightier than the Sword / Kaleb Stein

Notable Traits: Branded "Dishonorable" Most commonly in lupus form, a very large black wolf with streaks of white on his muzzle and chest. Highly impatient and likely to snap when annoyed.

Pack: Kairos's Gambit

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring


Name: Kaleb Stein (Mightier-Than-The-Sword)

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Auspex: Ahroun

Breed: Lupus

Age: 18, Born January 1999

Crow spirit - Ra'am (Gift - Wings of the Storm Crow)

Background: Born a wolf and assumed into human society rapidly by kinfolk of his tribe. He remains uncomfortable in his homid skin and prefers his massive black lupus form. Though his outward appearance seems calm, Kaleb's mask falls quickly when annoyed or agitated. He keeps his predatory instincts sharp hunting those who betray the Litany, or who fall to the Wyrm's influence. He is one to always seek forgiveness before permission when it comes to such matters.

Living with the politicians and government officials has shown him much of lies and deceit. He assumes everyone is lying or hiding something on first meeting. He is very slow to trust and views a betrayal of that confidence as the most grievous of offenses.

Kaleb is fiercely loyal to the The Litany; memorizing it, living it, defending it as best he can and as he understands it. He is disgusted by metis viewing them as unclean and a sin against The Litany. He generally distrusts the Fera, but sees their value in the coming war with the Wyrm and its ilk and acknowledges that the Garou will not win without their aid.

In the last 5 years before the destruction of the caerns Kaleb was sent to aid in the investigating and combating the Wyrm’s taint in the greater Austin area. He stalks the shadows by night and walks among the people by day as a charity worker on behalf of the office of an elected official to whom he is 'employed'. He eagerly helps the homeless and dejected with a smile on his face while listening for rumors and information that finds its way to the streets.


Born January 26, 1999 to a Shadow Lord Kinfolk pack in the North East. Kaleb’s first change was in the Fall of the same year following his first kill as part of the hunting pack.

He was taken in and tutored in politics, espionage, and combat by the tribe till Spring 2005.

Assigned to perform bodyguard and wet-work duties in Washington DC till Fall 2008. The politicians he was assigned observe to were found to be corrupted by the Wyrm. The Philodox of his pack signed the order to release Kaleb upon them politicians, earning him the deed name “Mightier-Than-the-Sword”.

Winter 2008, Kaleb was instructed to go to the Sept of the Hidden Spring. There he would help stabilize and reinforce the Garou community and see if a potential foothold for the tribe could be established in the government of the greater Austin Area. He took residence in George Town and met the Ananasi Josiah Rutland while observing politicians in a bed and breakfast and grew fond of the were-spider’s bacon.

After the siege of the caerns, Kaleb decided that politics of man and garou were pointless in the war against the Wyrm, a war the Garou are at dire risk of losing. While he is still loyal to the Shadow Lords and believes they have the wits and strength to lead the Garou Nation, he has generally cast aside political endeavors and fights now for survival. Survival not only for himself and his tribe, but for the whole nation.


  • "He often lets his emotion drive his decisions and, if he doesn't learn to think before he leaps (or bites), he'll soon have the scars to show for it." - Josiah
  • "He has damaged the nation with his selfish thoughtless actions and created another of those, we're he not my pack mate I would let him reap what he has sown, but he is a pack mate so I will seek to be the instrument of his punishment." - Hel's Chosen
  • "If I survive the next month I have a pound of Silver with his name etched into it." - Jason Rykr
  • "It's probably best you simply stay quiet. Anything you say right now will only stir emotions." - Choden
  • "I'll admit it's entirely possible I've met someone stupider, can't know for sure, but I fucking doubt it. That boy's taken some kind of master class in stupid. There's a real dedication to the craft of poor decision making in him that's hard not to almost admire." - No Survivors
  • "Uhm, hi, excuse me? His name is changed. He's known to us now as Shames His Tribe. On account of we lost the most influential kinfolk in a generation because this guy mauled Rykr. So, yeah, Shames His Tribe." - Summer Sky "Nevertheless She Persisted" Harper
  • "He is my packmate. He did something stupid, and has been punished for it. If people take issue with him still living, they can take it up with our Truthcatcher. If they want to take an underhanded approach, they are not protected by the litany. He is, surprisingly, NOT my biggest headache." - Ember Fannon
  • "Kaleb is an interesting sort. He recognizes when he's done something wrong but still stands by his decisions. If nothing else, he is full of conviction. Perhaps, that conviction will save him." - Josiah
  • "I wasn't here for his dumb, but I see him trying to make up for it. I hope people make note of that." - Aria Homes
  • "I don't like what he did for many reasons. He's been punished. He's willing to go through Atonement, even after his punishment. That tells me he's got something of worth in him." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "I have only heard secondhand of the action's that branded him, but there are too few of us as it is to do what needs to be done. If he can be redeemed, then we must try to help him on that path." - Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington
  • "He genuinely desires to help remedy the discord that he helped sow. Only time can tell if that is even possible." - Benny Boyd
  • "Many advocated for his death, but he has endeavored to show the incorrectness of that impulse. Teachers come in many forms, it seems." - Tsomo
  • "Your Quote." - Your Name


  • He's a Shadowlord, sure, but rumor has it his mother was a Silverfang.
  • He's been really quiet since Ryker's death.
  • He went on some rampage around town? I dunno man, I've seen him every day patrolling the Bawn. Some of this shit's got to be Weaver crap.
  • Rumor here.

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