Miguel Espino

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Miguel Espino

Description: Typically dressed in bright clothes and seems to like being looked at. Darker skin, six feet tall with a goatee. Skinny and almost always energetic and on the move.

Society: Independent Alliance
Temple: TBA
Clan: Followers of Set
Cult: None known



Miguel is a man of pleasures. He has been in the northeast for at least a hundred years.


  • He is quite a bit older than he seems.
  • He looks forward to death, meeting his God and feeling that final sensation.
  • He would try anything...once.


  • How can we be on the wrong side when our side is literally a god?


  • Lucfer - Lucifer, TV show
  • Dorian Gray
  • Kilgrave - Jessica Jones, Netflix

OOC Information

Player: Derrick Burbee

Player Email: Derrick Burbee

Storyteller: Ness Klohn

Storyteller Email: VST

Location: St. John, Canada