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Commonly Known Information

Name: Mihai

Notable Traits: Old Dog, Elder of the Revolution

Society: Anarch Movement

Clan: Gangrel


1675 to 1705 - Mihai was born in parts unknown in the late 1600's in a small remote village (parts unknown). He became a shepherd like his father. One night, he defends his flock against a pack of Gangrel in wolf form. He dies and is embraced.

1705 to 1707 - In the days that followed, he was chased out of his village after they found out about his cursed state. He lived in the woods, trying to survive. He endured the years that followed, seemingly in isolation, learning and adopting to his new life.

1707 to 1711 - Two years passed before his sire returned to him (or rather, finally made her presence known) with her were several other childe - his broodmates. His sire and broodmates, were veterans of the First Anarch Revolt. Together, he joined their nomadic pack of Gangrel. During this time period, they traveled through Europe as a roving pack.

1711 - On the night after the Siege of Brăila in Wallachia, the 15th of July 1711, there was a Gangrel gather in the fort of Brăila. In the courtyard of the medieval fort, the Gangrel gathered. Brenda the Feral (NYC Gangrel) called on the Gangrel to cross the Danube and engage in a battle with Tzimitze who were using their ghouls in open warfare. Their defeat leads indirectly to the fall of Peter the Great later that month, but two of Mihai's broodmates die in the battle.

1711 to 1742 - Mihai continues traveling with his sire and broodmates, but the relationship has soured.

1742 to 1777 - Mihai and a few of his broodmates split off from their sire and head to the New York City. They spend their beginning years roaming through parts of the wilds of New England.

1778 - Mihai settles in New York City for the first time. Meets fellow ancilla that he forms attachments to.

1782 - Mihai joins NYC's ancilla and attempt to overthrow the Prince Wilhelm. The revolt fails and Mihai is forced in exile.

1783 - Marislav seizes an opportunity, destroys Wilhelm, claims Praxis, and reopens the city to Elders. Mihai's petition to have his exile removed is rejected.

1783 to 1861 - Mihai travels the States, occasionally helps slaves from the South get freed from their masters

1861 to 1865 - American Civil War. Mihai gets involved, siding with the North.

1920 to 1933 - American Prohibition. Thanks to the knowledge he gained of the countryside, Mihai is useful to many kindred in this era. In a way, it was a reverse-Underground Railroad, but with booze.

1940s - The US enters WWII.

1962 - Mihai returns to NYC as part of the Anarch-Camarilla meetings. His exile is removed. He assists in helping remove the Sabbat threat along with his childer and broodmates.

1969 to 1989 - One of Mihai's childe is blamed for a riot. Mihai offers to takes his punishment for him. Marislav sentences him to twenty years in torpor.

2002-2007 - With hunters running rampant, Mihai helps move Anarchs across the country to avoid their detection. Then later, to establish domains when Camarilla/Sabbat domains fell.

2005 - Emely leads revolt against Maraslav. Emely is assassinated. Revolt fails. Mihai's childe dies during the event. Though he is not in the city, Mihai is suspected of having been involved.

2007-2018 - Mihai moves from Anarch domain to Anarch domain, trying to assist them with knowledge and experience, and usually getting frustrated with failing domains.

2018 - Mihai returns to NYC.


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  • "An Anarch elder is still an elder. Still a source of hard-earned wisdom, still a guardian of secrets, still a shield for the young. Still an elder. They're just... less appreciated for it. Not much I can do about that, unfortunately." - Mara Nordahl
  • "We approach the same problem in very different ways, Mihai and I. As different as we are in Clan, purpose, and skill set, our minds follow similar paths. His presence is natural, and I've missed it during the long years of his banishment. He is one of the people for whom I build the greater Union that will forever end such times." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "He should have been named Atlas. He carries his grudges like the world, but he is there when needed." - Shepherd

OOC Information

Player: Anthony G

Player Email: aagraff603@gmail.com

Storyteller: Marshall Crutchfield

Storyteller Email: vst.masquerade@nyccamarilla.org

Location: New York City