Miles Gory

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Miles Gory

Notable Traits: Punk style, respectful to those who show respect, thoughtful, takes care of his own.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Brujah


Miles was embraced by Johnathan Norwood back in 1996 and was a belligerent pain in the ass to most of the court of Boston until the city was thrown screaming into the Nights of Turmoil a few years later. Former issues of protest became necessities for survival in the nights of the red comet, and it wasn't long before his hands were as bloody as the rest of the city's. Sacrifices made serving clan and Sheriff prepared him for the night to night war with the Sabbat, which, in turn, left him ready to stand against the mortal hunters who slew his sire in 2001. Yet, that was simply the beginning, and it fell to the Brujah to stand and fight for every inch of ground while other kindred fled or hid. For the better part of a decade he trudged through blood and fire alongside his kin and he emerged from the nightmare humbler, quieter, and more introspective.


  • Miles slew the former Malkavian Primogen of Boston after a posse put them into torpor.
  • Miles' lineage is murky but is said to have roots in Salem.
  • Miles wasn't wild about the fact that his clan supported an Assamite prince he'd never met.


  • "Primogen Gory and myself have spoken far too infrequently. Steps will be taken to change this." -- Kha ibn Hafaz al-Basir
  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name
  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name

OOC Information

Player: Rick Gower

Player Email:

Storyteller: Graham R.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Boston, MA.