Millennial Falcon

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Chuck "Millennial Falcon"

Notable Traits: He is a Silver Fang in the Concordat of Stars who never seems to shift out of Homid form. Member of House Gleaming Eye.

Pack: Sunrise

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the New Dawns



Chuck was one of the Cliaths entering the world during the New Age of Heroes. He was brought up to understand the lore of the Tribe, and the history of the Nation. As time went on and he learned more about the reality of the past, he found himself further and further from his Tribal baseline. When the Nation split, he followed the Glass Walkers and the Children of Gaia to the surprise of his own family, but not Falcon. Since, Millennial Falcon has been an extremely progressive champion for the downtrodden, especially the Bastet. He's only recently come back to a Sept, having helped free its elders from an Umbral realm.


  • Chuck has a special relationship with Phoenix and has died in many interesting places around the world.
  • He's actually a Shadow Lord infiltrator of the Silver Fangs, hence his Camp Defection.
  • Despite his Camp Defection, he is still extremely loyal to the Tribe
  • Was at the Rite of Clear Skies
  • Neither Chuck nor Sergei are his given name, just names he uses. He stopped going by his family name when he joined the Concordat of Stars for his family's sake.

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