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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Millicent "Millie" Johnson

Notable Traits: Soothing Presence, unyielding

Age: 30

Rank: Kinfolk

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Sept: The Sept of the White Fields

Profession: Mayor of Springfield, MA, Chairman of the Wylde Foundation, Environmental Engineer (retired), Former CTO of EnV


Millie Johnson left the Nation as a young adult. She is a tempestuous and fiercely independent kin who believes her worth is unseen by the Nation. Though she is extremely wealthy, within the Nation she is known for her band t-shirts and torn up jeans, preferring to do things on her own and build with what she has.


Millie Johnson was the CTO of a large and profitable environmental engineering firm, EnV. She is currently single, intense, and professional.

Millie grew up knowing her place in Garou society, but she happened to be a technological savant. She quickly gained a grasp on computers and engineering, and the other kinfolk pushed her into academics, leading her to attend MIT, where she promptly dropped out. She was picked up by a start up firm, because despite her lack of credentials, her abilities spoke for themself. The environmental engineering firm EnV saw many shifts and changes in her first few years coding and designing for the company. At age 25, she was rewarded for her hard work with an offer to take over the position of CTO, which she accepted. The start up was quickly guided under her leadership to great and impressive things, gaining profitable contracts and executing them on schedule and under budget, eventually landing a cost-plus contract from the DoE which landed her company among one of the top in the region, in the field. Now, 5 years after accepting the CTO position, she has retired from her company, selling off her shares, and staying on as an occasional tech consultant after grooming her replacement. She still works very close with the company, ensuring that their projects are always made to improve the environment and prevent further damage to the Earth. She had left a pet project on alternative energies using algae for her replacement to continue.


Mate: Wassador "Waz" Mahegan

Sister: Evie Johnson

Sister: Ariana Johnson (NPC)

Brother in Law: Gaston Saint-Pierre

Nephew: Matthew Saint-Pierre



  • She abandoned the nation and is only back because her father was right
  • When her father died, she realized how wrong she has always been, and reached out to her sister to apologize
  • She hates ahrouns
  • She fell in love with a Garou
  • She's actually a wyrm incarna
  • She's a rank 5 rage spirit trapped in a human manifestation
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  • "Millie is direct, strong, and independent. She is not your average Kinfolk and when the chips are down and she thinks you are worth it, she has your back. Have that Kid already I miss my drinking buddy!" Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
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Theme Song: Human - Christina Perri

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