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Milo Ross

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  • Confirmed Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Enforcer as Sheriff of Henderson
  • Privileged as Sheriff of Henderson
  • Honorable from Prince Josef Prinz
  • Courteous from Prince Eleanor Mae
  • Enforcer from Prince Eleanor Mae
  • Favored from Elder Blackthorn
  • Loyal from Primogen Pollux Xenos

Commonly Known Information

Milo is a hard fighting Gangrel who deeply believes in honesty and justice regardless of sect. Although a member of the Camarilla, Milo is equally comfortable in the company of Anarchs, and has even served as acting Constable for Anarch Baronies in the past.


Like most Gangrel, Milo has an insatiable wanderlust, and rarely stays more than a decade or so in any one location.

In 1999, Milo answered the call to Revel from Tanner and his childe Ramona to destroy the Toreador Leopold, not knowing that Leopold was actually host to the Methuselah Hazimel. Milo fought alongside Xaviar and the other Gangrel against the might of Hazimel, and was one of the very few survivors to have crawled away from that night. Milo knows from painful personal experience exactly why Xaviar left the Camarilla. (NOTE: high levels of Gangrel lore are likely needed to know ICly about this battle.) He disappeared for a decade following this battle, reemerging in 2010 in Russia at the Battle of the Urals alongside Mother Ursa.

Milo has come to Las Vegas following the political chaos that unfolded with the signing of the Treaty of Alliance. He serves as the Camarilla Sheriff of Henderson, where he works along side the Anarch Constable of North Las Vegas, and the Independent Alliance Hatchet of Las Vegas to help establish and maintain order and peace as the city transitions to it's new tripartite structure.


  • 1803 Born in Yakutsk, Russia
  • 1821 Travels to Alaska as a Promyshlenniki (fur trader)
  • 1834 Travels to the Russian colony at Fort Ross, California to hunt beaver
  • 1840 Embraced by Augustine Lock
  • 1840-1999 Travels to various places in the US, rarely staying on one place for more than 10-15 years
  • 1884-1896 Sheriff of San Francisco, CA under Prince Abner Burwell
  • 1896-1908 Sheriff of Los Angeles, CA
  • 1912-1927 Sheriff of San Diego, CA, stopping a coordinated hunter attack during the Free Speech Fights
  • 1934-1940 Sheriff of San Bernardino, CA, under Prince Desmond Aldred
  • 1944 Anarchs of San Bernardino join in the Second Anarch revolt and quickly roust the Tower. Milo returns to the domain and negotiates a truce, ending the violence and allowing the remaining Camarilla kindred to leave the domain in safety. As part of the truce, Milo agrees to remain in the new Barony and help the fledgling Anarch domain establish a stable territory.
  • 1944-1947 Acting Constable for the Anarchs of San Bernardino, CA (did not carry the status)
  • 1947-1955 Sheriff of Phoenix, AZ
  • 1958-1970 Sheriff of Reno, NV
  • 1986-1999 Deputy to Sheriff Wolfgang of Atlanta, GA
  • 1999 Milo is one of the few survivors of the battle against the Methuselah Hazimel which led to Xaviar de Calais pulling Clan Gangrel out of the Camarilla
  • 1999-2010 Milo disappears from kindred society
  • 2010 Reappears in Russia, missing an eye and with mottled, stone-like skin, answering the call of Mother Ursa to battle against the dragon Shazear and the Dark Brigade during The Battle in the Urals
  • 2011 Travels to Las Vegas following the Treaty of Alliance, to help provide stability for the fractured domain
  • 2011-Present Sheriff of Henderson, NV
  • 2017 At the Founder's Ball in Austin, TX, Milo brings several Anarch Ambasadors and Ventrue House Everard to the table together, stopping an Anarch/Ventrue war before it begins


Please feel free to add rumors you've heard (or made up) about Milo

  • Milo knows a great deal about werewolves and other shapeshifters. It is said he has lived among them, and has friends and allies among the lupines to this night.
  • Milo's flight form is actually a panda. It is so cute, no one wants to hurt him and he just walks away.
  • Milo's name keeps coming up along with talk about The Foundation. Their interest in him remains a mystery.
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Please feel free to add quotes from or about Milo

  • "How do dead lungs push so much hot air" - Milo Ross, at the Founder's Ball of 2017 during the incessant complaining at the Camarilla meeting about troublesome Anarchs.
  • "Sheriff Ross is a capable officer, a relentless and cautious detective who always manages to find the way to his creature of interest." - Albert Singh
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OOC Information

Player: Shimon Klein

Player Email:

Storyteller: Brent Bagunu

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Location: Las Vegas


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