Mindy Durant

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Sneaky Spiritualist

Name: Melinda Durant aka Mindy
Deed Name: Shadow Spark
Tribe: Qualmi of the Bastet
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Night/Dusk (Theurge/Ragabash)
Pack: D.A.M.A.G.E Inc.
Sept Position: Soon...

Little Things about Mindy
Noteable Traits
  • Tendancy to go from spiritual caretaker to sassy Devil's Advocate at the drop of a hat seemingly without realizing it.
  • Can't seem to be or stay angry - rarely seen in Crinos... but often with a tail even in Homid...
  • Local YouTube/Twitch celebrity known as EsperLynx.
  • Almost never seen in Homid without her black lipstick.
  • Wears a big blue glass heart pendant.
  • Khan Bastet still make her nervous.
  • The Jaggling that befriended her is a lonely entity glad to have a kind Gaian friend.
  • Always keeps a tail out due to her frustrations with her difficult transformation.
Mindy Jaggling.jpg
Quotes about Mindy
"A Bastet Qualmi who handles our spiritual needs, health and stands as our primary field medic. Additionally she has never met a place secured that she couldn't get into" - Wassador "Waz" Mahegan
"This 'cat' is the Hero of our Sept. You WILL treat her with respect." - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
"I meet so few Bastet. I would like to get to know her better, all I can say about her now is that she is a worthy ally on the battlefield." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
Bigger Things about Mindy
Tales of her ventures
Stopping the plague - Tale told by Speaks the Serpent's Tongue Talesinger, Sept of the Eastern Skies of the Uktena
Rebirth of Oak Vale - Tale told by Naomi O’Mannion, “Ancestral Wisdom” Tale Singer, Sept of the Oak Vale of the Fianna

Her dad was from Canada and mom from Leominster. They never would agree on which hockey team was on TV but Mindy didn't mind as long as she could play her zombie games. She always had a fascination with spirits, ghosts, and urban legends. It was a spirit passing through her trying to get her attention as she passed a graveyard that forced her change on a Halloween night. The change only seems to amplify her studies and obsession to know not just about ghosts and spirits, but what kind of secrets and hidden knowledge they had.

She lead a more free spirited life style living out of her SUV that had the back seats removed so she could set up the back like a tiny home for her other passion - streaming. Mindy had her own YouTube channel where she hosts videos about her reviews on haunted stories/legends and from her Twitch account EsperLynx where she plays survival horror games, horror parody games, and any other cute zombie or undead related games. With that and her online herb and occult shop, she gets by on donations and a few sales.

The Bastet joined a small sept in Gardner after a couple members were able to decipher the clues form her channel that would only be apparent to Gaians. She did well getting more spirit investigation leads for the Sept issues. And Mindy's crowning moment at the Sept was successful mission to the umbra to rescue the spirit of an old Garou calling from the Umbra for help - earning her deed name. However it was a dispute on Mindy's usage of technology to gain information that could potentially pierce the Veil that caused seethe in a Khan of the sept. She refused to be belittled and stood her ground but the anger and seethe forced him and his supporters into a frenzy that ultimately destroyed the Caern and most of the Sept.

Survivors of the fallen Caern either fled in madness or recuperated and went to find new homes. While she didn’t know where she would end up, she drove to Amherst after meditating with the spirits and sensing an imbalance in that direction. On the way, Mindy ended up in the territory of the Rising Storm and proved to their group that she wasn't like other Fera they met and invited her to their pack. After some changes in pack dynamic - she is now a member of D.A.M.A.G.E Inc.