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  • Alternative Names: Minerva Schwalke-Wojtkiewicz
  • Embrace date: 1960
  • Generation: 8th (through diablerie from 10th)
  • Clan: Tzimisce
  • Sire: Unknown/Unclaimed
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Durango, Mexico
  • ST Point of Contact: AANST Sabbat

General Information

  • Vicar
  • Pack: Thunderclap
  • Path: Power and the Inner Voice
  • Faction: Ultra Conservative / Neo-feudalist

Titles and Accolades

  • Vicar of the Neo-feudalists

Known Childer

Past Locations

Privileged Information

Sabbat Lore:

  • Chosen in 2015 to be Vicar of the Neo-feudalists.
  • In the years following the near destruction of the Sabbat and the rising population of Loyalists, rumors of a new Sabbat faction began forming.
  • Before it could be introduced the Lasombra were spreading rumors of its heresy.
  • Eventually in early 2000 this faction was given a name the Neo-feudalists.
  • Nothing was mentioned about them for a decade.
  • Rumors made the faction out to be in response to something involving the Lasombra clan. Or similar to something in the past of clan Lasombra. Its very confusing
  • Quietly preach that the Loyalist movement will be the downfall of the sect.
  • Likely a mouth piece for the Elders of clan Tzimisce.
  • Openly supports the cessation of crusade and seiges.
  • The Black Hand and Inquisition are tools of weak leaders. Archbishops should be capable of policing their own diocese. If they need assistance they should be removed.
  • The Neo-feudalist faction seems to be nothing more than a "pro-tzimisce" faction that supports Tzimisce archbishops and bishops which they refer to as Voivodes
  • There is probably more to it than that...

Tzimisce Lore:

  • Chosen to be a Vicar by the Voivodes to put a "younger" face on "old" traditions
  • Part of Hedeon Yaroslavich's lineage


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