Miranda Pryor

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Miranda Pryor

Notable Traits:

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue


Embraced in the Mid 60s, Miranda was active in the Civil Rights Movement in her hometown Charleston, SC. She was a known and out Lesbian. Her profession, Dominatrix, was also well known, though controversial at the time. She had a small amount of regional Fame (Fame x3) and positioned the notoriety of what she was against the hate against the civil rights movement as a form of deflection (the idea being that the person acting contrary to Civil Rights would be too busy deciding which was worse, the Lesbian Domme or black people voting/eating at the counter/desegregation, that they wasted their time with that and not being effective.) Her civil rights activities help inspire others in the Gay Community. While she was not present for the Stone Wall Riots (she was already embraced by then) her work and inspiration make her a footnote in the history of the event as an "aggitator" or "inspiration" depending on your views of the event (or views of whatever media has her mentioned). After her embrace, she focused on her significant real estate holdings and her position within her clan. Even as a Neonate, she is a respected Ventrue. Among the things she is known for:

  • Though she is a Lesbian she was married for a while prior to her embrace to a man. This marriage is the origin of her significant real estate holdings.
  • She trains retainers for other Kindred, utilizing her disciplines and her experience as a Dominatrix.
  • She is still a working Dominatrix, taking a few exclusive clients and performing in Fetish shows.
  • Among mortals, Miranda Pryor is known as the "Granddaughter of the famous Dominatrix Miranda Pryor who follows in her 80-something year old grandmother's footsteps, acts as the public face for everything her grandmother does, and will inherit her grandmother's empire."
  • Miranda operates a club in Raleigh by the name of "My Secret". It is a goth-fetish club run by her retainer (PC Ghoul) Ophelia and was in operation throughout Raleigh's troubled times (though Miranda herself was not in Raleigh at the time).
  • Miranda spent some time in the early 2000s in Wilmington, NC
  • The circumstances of Miranda's embrace created an instant rival for her, another Ventrue (NPC). That NPC Ventrue originally followed her to Raleigh in the mid-80s to be a foil. When the Kindred of Raleigh died in the early 2000s, that NPC Ventrue was among the casualties.
  • Miranda is active in the S&M (modernly BDSM) community in Raleigh.
  • Miranda is preparing to open a new club, Haven, in the North Hills area of Raleigh, NC in the summer of 2017


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  • Miranda operates a kind of private, invitation-only S&M/BDSM group in Raleigh, NC.
  • Is actually one of the most chaste Ventrue you will ever meet.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Lynn Perretta

Player Email: pryor.mistress@gmail.com

Storyteller: Chris Rombach

Storyteller Email: raleighvstca@gmail.com

Location: Raleigh, NC