Mirrored Heart

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mirrored Heart aka Marisol "Mari" Adrianza

Priyo: Twilight. Philodox as the wolves tell it.

Pack: None

Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta

Personality: Prickly and short tempered, Mirrored Heart probably fits the image most people have of Balam: angry all the time. She is mistrustful of new faces and covers her awkwardness at being in a new place surrounded by more people than she's really used to with a catty disdain and aloofness that only really drops around other cats. She can be warm, friendly, and loving but it takes some work to get past her fierce, unwelcoming exterior.


Mirrored Heart is a fierce and judgemental teacher who isn’t afraid of anyone who might want to try and take her down a peg.
Mirrored Heart takes a quiet moment for herself.
Born in rural poverty, she is conscious of where she comes from and makes no apologies for who she is. Sharp-tempered and quick to anger, she tends to bristle at anything she perceives to be an insult against her or especially her people. She spent most of her formative years fighting in the Amazon and has since traveled north. She is still adjusting to life in a new country and in a new reality where she rubs shoulders with others every day instead of a few times a month at best.


* "Once one creature of sunlight and shadows met another; the first dappled, the second layered. The dappled one was wounded and weary and walking all alone through a hot place, and nobody should be all of those things. So the layered one gave her water and walked beside her for a while. And this did not solve the larger problems, but sometimes it is the small things that matter more." - Lines of Light

* "I trust her more than some Garou I could name. She knows what's important and what isn't." - Broken Road

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  • Mirrored Heart has a vendetta against a specific Garou and has traveled north to find whoever has wronged her
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OOC Information

Player: Emilia V.

Player Email: emilia.starlight136@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jay Durant

Storyteller Email: Apocalypse.vst@unsun.org

Location: Sonoma County. CA