Misha Ozoliņš

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Misha Ozoliņš

Notable Traits: strange chitinous formations and a fondness for gas masks.

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu


Misha's transition into Unlife was easier than most Nosferatu. Hideous from birth he was already accustomed to life as a grotesque, and found comfort in the solidarity of like monsters.

Misha is a curious creature, who often find himself in danger because of his desire to learn, and because of this has focused his attentions to the bloods natural ability to hide and remain undetected.

((More to come))


  • He was a spy and assassin for both sides during both world wars.
  • He witnessed the rise of Boba Yaga.
  • The Tremere are hunting him.
  • He cares for small orphaned and homeless children.
  • He is a Powerful Sorcerer
  • He hunts for forsaken knowledge
  • There exists a photo of him, an accidental capture of his monstrous visage as he investigated rumors of a new invention called a "Camera obscura"

OOC Information

Player: Geoff C

Player Email: Stix206@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kermit J

Storyteller Email: Camvsttc@gmail.com

Location: Tri-Cities, WA