Misha Sokolov

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Character Information

Gold Anarch.png

Name: Misha Sokolov
Clan: Malkavian
Location: Portland, OR
Sect: Anarch Movement
Position: Constable

Abiding Status:
Gold bullet.png Comitted
Gold bullet.png Enforcer
Gold bullet.png Warrant

Fleeting Status:
Gold bullet.png Connected

Notable Traits:
Gold bullet.png Distinctive limp
Gold bullet.png Permanent 5 o'clock shadow
Gold bullet.png Eastern European heritage

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Misha is an intensely intellectual person who fluctuates with a driven, single minded focus on whatever topic has captured his attention, and the wayward mental gymnastics of one whose mind sometimes latches onto tangents. He has a deep curiosity about what it means to be a human and a vampire and likes to explore the nature of that divide. His drive to expand his mind and his love for all intellectual pursuits is rivaled only by his intense distaste for Fascism and the rise of such movements in the world.

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