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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: "Missy"
Deed Name: Web Singer
Fera Breed: Ananasi
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Adren
Pack: The Band
Sept: Sept of Unearthed Silver
Right of Acceptance?: Yes
Appearance: Missy appears to be a young woman in her mid twenties, dressed in punk/grunge style. The only hair on her body is the bright red mohawk on her head. Otherwise she is hairless. She has multiple piercings, including a nose ring and a belly ring. She has small bite marks on her body. Her skin is extremely pale, and she is built symmetrically. Her jawline is also exceptionally pronounced.




Missy came to the Sept of Unearthed Silver with her partner, "Guy", the summer of 2017. They claim to hail from Arizona, where they last attempted to settle down. They have since made themselves invaluable members of the Sept and efficient agents of their pack, even if very few people are sure of what they're up to. Her favored weapons are her webs and her guns. She plays the guitar well, and has a passable singing voice. She is more often on drugs than not, though no one is sure which one's she's on. She is a mixed bag of sex jokes and threats. Both her and Guy can often be found hanging around Denver at different underground punk and grunge shows. Missy is known for her curiosity and for aggressively wanting to be friends with everyone.

Notable Contributions

  • Missy aided in the rescue of the Ard Righ of the Fianna, Bron Mac Fionn
  • She was voted King of the SlapDance Moot after the cleansing of an Uktena-devoted caern near the Sept in Pueblo
  • Lit fire to a Wyrm-controlled building, which in part helped her to gain her fetish gun, "Ty-ty"
  • Earned the moniker 'Worthy' for her part in helping to kill a pack of powerful BSDs
  • Ascended to the rank of Adren in April of 2018
  • Was given the name "Web Singer" at her Rite of Accomplishment in May 2018


Guy & Missy making plans

Known Associates

  • "Guy"- Roomate & Partner
  • Bitty, "Little Bit of Trouble"- Former Packmate
  • Vicki- Roomate and Best Friend



"You don't have enough limbs"
- The response Missy gives when a non-Ananasi hits on her .

"If I hadn't been Bitten, I'd be sitting in Florida right now with a Mai Tai in my hand"
-Uncle Frankie.
"I'd probably be a serial killer"
- Missy.

"Missy makes me smile, so I don't feel all that bad about destroying my truck at her urging. The guy deserved it."
-Kallista Black

"She has done a good number of things to help and has proven herself an ally you can count on."
-Victor Hadan

"Missy is more than just an ally; she's an invaluable friend in this war against the Wyrm."

"Missy is intelligent and talented. We work well together, and I consider her a valued ally. But there is something about her that I find unsettling. It may be The Bite or her spider heritage, but I've run into each of those before and I doubt that's it. I hope I can figure it out before we work together again."
-William Henry Howard

"This Spider is a scary Spider, but I'm fair certain she does not intend to eat any birds."

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  • If you get too close, you can hear her clicking and chittering. Guy does this as well. Are they angry, frustrated, or communicating? No one knows.
  • It is not wise to threaten any kind of harm to the packmates of the Spiders.
  • Missy goes out on dates?
  • She gives off the discomforting air of one who is Bitten.
  • Missy likes being in trees. Alot.

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Character Playlist

Missy's Spotify

God Save the Queen-Sex Pistols

Highway Tune-Greta Van Fleet

Spiderwebs-No Doubt

Sober Up-AJR

I Only Lie When I Love You-Royal Blood


OOC Info

Player Contact: Amber McCulloch
VST Contact: Conor Sexton

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