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Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.

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Character Information


Name: Sato (佐藤) Mitsuki (光希) (Note: Japanese surnames come first)

Current Deed Name: Nine Sides to Every Story, shortened to "Nine-Sides" (すべての小説 に九つの側面)

Past Deed Names: Mist Perception (窺知の), Silken Ties (絹の絆)

Age: ~900 (USA-SW-WA-1703-037498)

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Tribe: Kitsune

Rank: Tenko (Elder) (USA-SW-WA-1702-037239)

Breed: Shinjin (Metis)

Auspice: Gukutsushi (Philodox)

Camp: The Wheel

Tails: Nine

Political Alignment: allied to Concordat of Stars but not a member

Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams

Sept Position: Master of Challenge

IC Contact:


OOC Note: Mitsuki has the Heroic Lineage merit.

Kojin (Homid)

Mitsuki stands just under 5 feet tall, a tiny but shapely woman, with long, sleek black hair that reaches past her hips. Her skin is immaculate, completely unblemished of freckle or scar, and fair as bone. Her round face is very attractive and distinctly Japanese, her features well-proportioned, with amber eyes and high cheekbones. Though she is wont to change her physical appearance, using the gift Coyote's Mantle. Most recently she has been using the gift to sport the same red hair she has in her Sambuhenge form.


Her features elongate slightly, becoming subtly vulpine, and red fox ears appear atop her head, tipped with black fur. Behind her, her nine tails fluff out, tipped in black like her ears. In this form her eyes are green, as they are in all of her vulpine forms, and her hair becomes red to match the fur of her ears and tails. This is the form she appears in the most within Garou/Fera Society, to proudly display her Kitsune heritage. She appears more comfortable in this form than in homid.


Mitsuki's fox coloring is bright red with a white belly and chest and green eyes. The back of her ears and feet are black, and her fluffy tails have black guard hairs amongst the orange fur.


Well-traveled and filled with the wisdom of centuries, Mitsuki is quite a sage. Though her long-lived years haven't dulled her sense of curiosity or her keen intellect, if anything they have become more refined. She was always one who has to solve a puzzle, wants to know the all the secrets behind every mystery, and often finds herself poking her nose where she probably shouldn't. Her thirst for new experiences has lead her to have some interesting relationships with those who have become close with her, her most intimate companionships especially have been quite tumultuous. She is loyal and generous to those she considers friends, and stubbornly proud of her Kitsune heritage. She'll laugh if someone tries to insult her, and her sarcasm is well-known.

Known Associates



Allies & Friends


  • TBD


  • "I never knew my mother. Like most of our kind, she died the day I was born. Mitsuki is the closest thing I've ever truly known to a mother...she brought me into my new life, guided me until I could stand on my own. Was there for me, when I needed direction, or just a comforting shoulder. mean more to me than I can put into words, and I will always be your faithful daughter..." - Inara Elwyn


  • Calls everyone "child."
  • She's having a hard time adjusting to not being seen as equal amongst Garou, like she was in the Beast Courts. Old habits die hard.
  • She'd have more than nine tails, if Kitsune could...
  • ...add your own?

Character Soundtrack (OOC)

Click here for the Mitsuki Playlist on YouTube

Inspirations (OOC)

  • Phedre, Kushiel's Dart
  • Inara, Firefly
  • Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones


Character Information


Player: Erica Schoonmaker

MES Number: US2012030072

Location: San Francisco, CA

DC: Virginia Lindgren

ST: David Barnhill


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